Thursday, November 30, 2006


Day 283 - Help! My Turkey is Running Low!

Greetings, Bloggy Leftover-Eaters!

By the way - it's Survivor Night! But I'm not here to talk about PIZZA (although that is a lovely subject).

I just finished making lunches: leftover-turkey sandwiches for Charlie and I.

Then I noticed the leftover-turkey stash is ALMOST GONE! Panic! Panic! There's only a little left in the tupperware container, and just a little turkey in a ziploc bag in the freezer.

I shouldn't complain - we had enough turkey for:

Thanksgiving dinner pigout.
Friday night turkey soup (enough for us and for company).
Saturday turkey sandwiches.
Sunday afternoon turkey soup (enough for us and for company).
Sandwiches all week.
Tuesday night shrimp and turkey stir-fry.
My supper last night - a healthy (not!) dinner of mac 'n cheese, turkey and gravy, and fritos scoops! Gee, maw, you didn't eat your vegetables!

So what are we going to eat till Christmas?

Evil Bloggyman: Let me guess - anything ELSE in the FOOD family but turkey, dumb-butt! Yes, thank you E.B.

Dream patrol update: I can't remember what I dreamed last night. That's a blessing!

Spider update: They are definitely after me. I swatted another one last night that was ON MY FAVORITE BLANKIE (you know the throws you put on your lap when watching tv). I must have gotten them all stirred up when I cleaned the house for company this past week. Time to get out my magical vacuum-of-death-attachment-wand and search-and-destroy spiders (a happy thought). Sorry, PETA.

Gotta go, folks! Today it's going to rain, and be our last above-normal-warm-day. Tomorrow's high - in the 40's. TTFN!

Wednesday, November 29, 2006


Day 282 - Green Tea or Green Bee?

Greetings, Bloggy and Verdant readers!

I dreamed last night of giant green bees - they had developed INSIDE my green tea bottles, which in my dream looked like large test tubes instead of the normal sized container.

I drink a green tea just about every day, maybe I'm overdosing on antioxidants!

One bee had hatched and escaped, and the other bee was still coccooned in the plastic container.

Sorry Peta, I disposed of them in my dream.

By the way - see the photo - there IS a green bee variety, it is called a 'metallic green bee'. However, my green bees were as long as my hand and not 'earthly'.

So, OF COURSE, this morning when I awoke, I walked into the bathroom and spied a huge brown furry spider next to the tub. Great - more bugs. Sorry Peta, I disposed of it, at great risk to life and limb. (Although it was not a poisonous spider).

When Charlie came into the bathroom he said 'What's this SHOE doing in here'? I told him in great detail about the monstrous spider attack and battle that had just taken place, and that flames were shooting out of it's hind end like a blast-ended skrewt in Harry Potter but I had vanquished the foe and conquered the spider. He was suitably impressed (yawn).

Pause to vent: Can you believe I found a picture of a bag of bread in the road but can't find a good photo of a blast-ended skrewt to post on the blog? Sheesh.

So now I am sitting here drinking my celebratory cup of bloggy juice with Irish Creme flavoring, and sharing all the gory details with my darling readers.

My 4th Quarter goal review went fine yesterday, and yes I have already met or exceeded my goals. :-)

'Nuff said about that - gotta get a move-on.

We've had several warm days in a row, it may rain today but is supposed to be in the low 70's. Now THAT is perfect November weather in my book.

TTFN! Be careful and mind your bugs 'n skrewts! (instead of P's and Q's)

Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Day 281 - It's Tuesday! Yield to the Princess!

Greetings, Bloggy Dukes and Duchesses, ministers, earls, counts and countesses, viscounts, knights, damsels, maidens and equerries! Hear ye, Hear ye!

I was behind a car that had a license plate bracket that said 'Yield to the Princess'! It made me chuckle.

By the way - have you seen the Lego Castle set? Awesome, simply awesome! No, don't get me one!

I dreamed the other night that I was summoned by the Queen for an audience (this wasn't the Queen of England, it was the queen of some fictional place) and I didn't have a gown to wear. Oops. Nothing like a little wardrobe issue in your DREAM. What's that all about?

Our visit to Cracker Barrel last night was delicious, and yes, I had the baked potato again and so did Charlie. Thank you for inquiring. I had catfish and Charlie had a sampler platter.

Today I have a meeting with my manager to review my goals for the 4th quarter. This shouldn't be an issue, as I've already attained them all as far as I know, and there's another month left if I have forgotten something.

I have helpdesk duty this week, which means I monitor the helpdesk for incoming issues that are directed to our group. Then I research them or divvy them out to the team depending on what the question or the problem is. Sometimes they are misrouted and I send them back again to the correct group.

Okay, gang, I've gotta go - nice chatting with you but I have to get ready for WORK. TTFN and say Hi to the Queen for me when you see her.

Monday, November 27, 2006


Day 280 - Rise and Shine! Back to Work, Folks!

Greetings, Monday Morning Bloggy-eyed Readers!

Oops, I said the M word. Sorry about that!

You know what day it is.
You know that Thanksgiving is over.
You know you ate too much and gained some weight.
You know it's 'back to work again' till Christmas.
You know that December is THIS WEEK.
You know it's time to Christmas shop.
You know there's only a paycheck or two before Christmas.

So, what DON'T you know?

You don't know that I've taken up a new hobby - I call it 'weeding the garden'.

So what's new about that, you ask?

What that actually means is that I inspect my head in the mirror, and selectively weed out a few gray hairs from my bangs or my part, which is where I believe they are the MOST noticeable.

I've told you this before, but I gave it a name yesterday which somehow makes it an 'activity'.

Evil Bloggyman - you don't really think anyone ELSE is inspecting your &^%$# SCALP for hair color, do you? Nobody gives a flying flip about your &^%$ gray hair.

Well, no, E.B. but I know they're THERE, gleaming in the half-light like werewolf tarnished silver, and that is enough to send me on a 'search and destroy' mission, sans garlic.

I need a tool, by the way. Do you know how hard it is to grasp ONE little, wriggling gray hair and YANK it OUT of your HEAD? Ow! Should I try using the tweezers? More OW!

Okay, enough of that ranting and raving. Gotta go turn on the cable tv radio station to Solid Gold Oldies and forget about my gray hair. :)

Have a nice M-day, everyone! It's Cracker Barrel night tonight - no cooking for me!

Sunday, November 26, 2006


Day 279 - Thanksgiving Weekend Comes to a Close

Greetings, Blogregation!

Do you feel just a little sad that Thanksgiving weekend is just about over? I do!

I went to swim this morning early - I was IN THE POOL just before 7am, which is saying something considering I have to drive FORTY MILES to GET to the pool. It was heavenly, I had the pool to myself for the first 45 minutes of my swim.

The place where I swim is already bedecked with Christmas decorations - the electric lightpoles are even decorated like giant candy canes. Makes me smile when I drive up!

I was ALSO there early enough to enjoy the free Starbucks coffee with all the half and half and sweet n low I wanted to add to it. YUM-O!

On the way to swim, I saw the perfect photo opportunity to capture (symbolically) the 'End of Thanksgiving', but it was a bit too dark and I would have had to take it with my cell phone.

Picture this...

A somewhat dark, lonely road. Thanksgiving is over, most of the company is gone...

Very few folks are awake yet, but here in the road - what is this?

A loaf of bread? Aw, a loaf of bread in the road!

A lonely little loaf of bread that missed Thanksgiving, lost in the world, discarded in the road, and surely won't survive to enjoy next year's feast! Poor little loaf of bread... (are you weeping yet?)

OMIGOSH! Can you believe I searched Google for 'loaf of bread in road' and found one?? Poor little loaf of bread, this has happened before to other innocent and yeasty victims!

Evil Bloggyman: Stop feeling sorry for inanimate objects, you Blockhead! Oh, OK, sorry E.B.

You know I love bread, and that is SO sad! I guess I would have felt worse if it had been a better brand. ;-)

Ok, I'm going to leave you now and let you ponder whether I really felt sorry for the loaf of bread (yes I did), and whether YOU would if it had been you!

We have company coming for lunch - homemade turkey soup, a double batch of cornbread, and apple crisp with butter pecan ice cream for dessert. Or NOTHING, if I don't go make it!

TTFN, and don't let your bread jump out of the window, use the seat belt if you have to!

Saturday, November 25, 2006


Day 278 - Saturday!

Greetings, Bloggy Weekenders! Hopefully you are enjoying your long weekend too!

I am on my way out the door for a much-needed swim, so you'll have to wait till later for 'da blog'!

TTFN!! Love you bye!

Update at 5:25pm...

Er, uh, I have no motivation so late in the day.

All I can think about is chili stuffed baked potatoes with cheese and sour cream that I am making for supper. Now I'm starving.

Evil Bloggyman: 'If you want to read something, post a comment'.

Thanks, EB. You've got my back.


Karen's early warning system kicks in... Bleep Bleep - attention, wishful readers!

I'm going to swim AGAIN tomorrow morning and then we have company coming for lunch, so tomorrow may be just as 'empty' as today.

Friday, November 24, 2006


Day 277 - Medic Alert - Turkey Coma

Greetings, Bloggy Digestion-Masters!

I don't know this guy - but I searched the web for 'Turkey Coma' and he certainly looks the part - especially with his cup still in his hand!

Thank you for joining the blog, whoever you are!

It is 8am and Charlie and I are just getting up - we've had 'Turkey Comas' since yesterday afternoon around 2pm. :-)

I am sure you can identify.

I continue to be thankful today...

Charlie and I are off till Monday, what a wonderful long weekend!

I still have some room in the fridge, even with the leftovers. I took all the meat off the turkey last night and put it in containers - that helped a lot.

We have dinner-company coming at 5. I hardly need to pick up anything for it, and I hardly need to cook.

I got on the scale this morning and hadn't gained any weight. I must have worked it off yesterday.

I didn't feel compelled to get into the 'Black Monday' shopping frenzy. I am thankful my 'bargain compulsion' didn't win out over common sense.

I DO need to go pick up some drinks and sour cream, and do some vacuuming and dusting today.

It's supposed to be close to 70 degrees this afternoon, maybe I'll go take a nap on the deck out in the sun. (That's the turkey coma trying to draw me back into it!)

Have a super Day-after-Thanksgiving, everyone! Hope you had a great day yesterday! TTFN!

Thursday, November 23, 2006


Day 276 - Happy Thanksgiving!

Greetings, Bloggy Thanks-givers!

Happy Thanksgiving! I found a perfect picture on the web to post today.

I know you're WAY too busy today to bother to read 'da blog', so I'll make this short.

Here are a few things I am thankful for this Thanksgiving.

I'm thankful for Charlie, my kids, my family, friends, and colleagues (most of them).

I'm thankful for the food I'm about to eat all day (possibly all weekend).

I'm thankful for heartburn tablets (if necessary - see above).

I'm thankful for the clean microwave (I did it last night).

I'm thankful for 'da blog' (most of the time).

TTFN! Have fun watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade! Be careful! Love you bye!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006


Day 275 - Twas the Night Before Turk-age

Greetings, Bloggy Poets! Yes, that's right, I'm gonna do it...

Twas the night before Turk-age,
And all through the house,
Not a creature was stirring,
Not even the-mouse-that-appeared-this-summer-never-to-be-seen-again.

The Roaster was hung
By the chimney with care,
In hopes that a Gobbler
soon would be (in) there.

The children were nestled
All snug in their beds,
While visions of cranberry sauce
Danced in their heads.

And Mamma in her kerchief,
And I in my cap,
Had just done the shopping
And all of that crap.

When out on the lawn
there arose such a clatter,
I sprang from my bed
to see what was the matter.

Away to the window
I flew like a flash,
Tore open the shutters
and threw up the sash.

The moon shining down
on the unraked-up leaves
made me want to go do that
as I rolled up my sleeves.

When, catching a movement
with a rush and a jolt,
Strolled a big mama turkey,
and eight tiny poults.

(Fill in the rest yourself)

Ok, ok - did you really think I have time in the morning before WORK to do more than that? Come ON. I have a LIFE you know...

By the way, my cobbler was a huge hit at work yesterday, there were NO leftovers.

One guy came by at the end of the day and offered to carry my dish back to the car for me until he heard there wasn't any left, and then he lost interest! Charlie says that's a total guy tactic, he was hoping for more cobbler!

Aunt Nancy wants the menu for tomorrow, I'll type it in and that'll be IT for today.

Appetizers -
Cheddar cheese, Hickory Farms smoked sausage, Triscuits, chips and salsa.

Roast Turkey (I think it's around 16 pounds)
Bread stuffing (vs. cornbread) with celery and onions
Brown and serve rolls
Baked sweet potatoes with cinnamon sugar

Green peas with butter sauce
Pearl onions with cream
Roasted carrots and parsnips with olive oil and seasonings
Edy's butter pecan ice cream

We have company coming Friday and Sunday, so I've got more menus to plan! TTFN and Happy Happy Happy Thanksgiving! I certainly have lots to be thankful for!

Tuesday, November 21, 2006


Day 274 - The Day Before the Day Before Turk-age

Greetings, Bloggy Two-fers!

It's Tuesday, and there's another potluck dinner at my work today. Oh, joy. More food.

This is another turkey, dressing and ham event.

I have already gotten up, had a shower, and put a peach cobbler in the oven to bake while I drink coffee and write 'da blog'.

All four of us ordered catfish last night at our weekly outing at Cracker Barrel. Yes, I got the baked potato and so did Charlie. He ate all the inside and I ate all the outside. (My mother could have told you that, I like the crispy baked potato skin).

Will we get sick of turkey and ham before the holidays are over? I dunno, I doubt it!

I could go for one of my mother's macaroni and cheese casseroles with little breadcrumbs soaked in butter sprinkled on the top, and a big slab of ham seared with cinnamon sugar. YUM-O!

(Oh my, did I say SLAB of ham? How uncouth. Evil Bloggyman giggles.)

We had a knock on the door last night near 10pm - a lady had a flat tire outside. She made a phone call and went to wait in the car for her husband. Good thing her car was warm. It was TWENTY-TWO degrees when we got up this morning - it has been an exceptionally cold fall here. I may wear my winter coat to work today instead of my 'fall' coat.

Aunt Nancy - thanks for the newspaper clippings, I'll write a blog about them sometime soon!

We got a postcard in the mail yesterday from a company called 'Brite Ideas' - they design, install, take down, and STORE your holiday light display for your house! Imagine that!? The card says 'Don't wait too long, Santa's coming!'

Well, I thought Santa wanted cookies and carrots, not Christmas lights! Maybe I'm wrong... ;-)

Gotta go keep an eye on that cobbler! TTFN and have a great Tuesday!

Monday, November 20, 2006


Day 273 - The Monday Before Turk-age

Greetings, Bloggy Can't-Wait-For-The-Turkey Readers!

Yes, it's Monday but it's a short week and the food fests continue. A short week and a fattening one.

Charlie has another potluck at work today, and I have another one tomorrow. Goodness gracious! (I typed gracias at first).

Today's photo (and I should have cleared all the materials off the table before I took it) is the basket I just finished making to present to our director who is leaving the company.

It has a chocolate/coffee/dogs theme with starbucks coffee, biscotti, all types of chocolate, one jar of strawberry jam, (you can't see it but it's in there), a candy dish, a coffee mug, and whatever else I could throw in there.

It's wrapped now so you can't 'see inside' it quite as well. I know everyone will love it, a bunch of us went in together at work to get stuff for it, and one lady donated the basket itself.

I did get my swim in yesterday (Hooray!), and went out to lunch with my buddy Joe, and did a little shopping (got one present for my son and a bunch for myself).

Consider it...

Is that the way YOU Christmas shop? One present for someone, one for me. Another present for someone, TWO for me. Another present for someone, THREE for me. Hmmmm.

Continuing my free-association...

Do you consider a 'present' to yourself something like splurging on $3.50 Secret soft solid deodorant with Oil of Olay because you hate the regular solid, even though the soft solid costs more and doesn't last as long? I do.

Tonight is our weekly adventure to Cracker Barrel with our friends. Will I go for the extra .99 for a baked potato tonight when it is MY turn to pay? Tune in tomorrow to find out.

And now, a word from our sponsor. (Roll sound clip of turkey gobbling). TTFN!

Sunday, November 19, 2006


Day 272 - A Busy Morning Already

Greetings, Blogregation!

You are looking at the handcrafted Christmas wreath I bought yesterday for the mere price of $10. Oh, YES.

We've had a busy morning around here - the neighbor's cattle (plus one sheep) came to visit our barn lot and help themselves to whatever is growing - grass, leftover garden stuff, etc.

Charlie ran them off around 7am and they are back in the back lot (the outback) right now.

We also had ANOTHER visitor today - we had a bird get into the house and set up camp in one of my fake ficus trees in the Den. Confession: I wonder why it would even go there, it's so dusty. ;-)

This morning, we opened the patio door and shooed it back outside. It was more than happy to leave.

I can just hear it now telling the other birds 'Sheesh, that house was SO dusty, I'm glad to be back outside! Don't even bother visiting that house'.

OK - I am about to go swim but I will put a few pictures up from the craft fair for you 'cause I promised.

The photo above is a set of HAND-TURNED wooden canisters with lids made by a retiree who 'loves to work with wood' and doesn't charge much for his stuff! The whole set was $50, and he could easily have charged that for each one. I haven't thought of putting anything IN them, right now they are on top of the fridge just to LOOK at. They smell wonderful when you take the lids off - I love the smell of wood.

There are several items I CAN'T show you because they are gifts for people who read the blog - duh!

This is a vintage magazine rack that has been restored, repainted, with a hand painted design on each end in Harvest motif. $35. (Inside the magazine rack are two gifts I can't show you)

And last but not least, (of my photos anyway), are two little holiday tiles that stand on their own and have little clothespin backs so you can clip on a gift card, a recipe, a note, or a photo. They are absolutely adorable. $3.25 each.

Well gang, I have GOT to go swim. I missed my swim yesterday because I shopped so much - I was busy from 7:30am until after 5pm. THAT is a long day.

By the way - I bought my turkey, almost everything I need for Thanksgiving dinner, (I have to go to a different store for frozen pearl onions), so I am doing just fine. TTFN and have a great Sunday!

Short week this week for Thanksgiving!

(Hey, is Survivor going to be on Thanksgiving night???)

Saturday, November 18, 2006


Day 271 - The Forecast today - (Craft) Fair and Sunny

Greetings, Bloggy Christmas Shoppers and Thanksgiving dinner shoppers! On your mark, get set, SHOP!

I'll be leaving here in about 45 minutes to get to the craft fair an hour before it opens, and get in line with all the other early birds.

I *might* be able to get a parking spot if I get there that early. Usually the HIGH SCHOOL parking lot is totally full (and it's a big high school) and I have to park off-site and catch a school bus over to the craft fair. I don't wanna this year. ONCE I have been there early enough to wait in line with the other early birds, and that's what I'm going to do this morning.

So, I am drinking a cup of coffee (a 3-way mix of Folgers regular, Dunkin Donuts French Vanilla, and Dunkin Donuts Hazelnut - heavenly) and will bring another one with me in a go-cup to drink in line. Then I have the issue of the CUP to think about. Hmmmm...

I just tried twice to post a picture of people in line, but Blogger ain't cooperating. Sheesh. I apologize on behalf of Blogger. They have a new version I could be using, so I guess I need to upgrade. There is a message on Blogger now every day when I log in - 'The new Blogger is ready, click here to start using it!' Well, if I click there, there's no turning back, so I haven't done it yet.

I have a wash going, and maybe it'll finish by the time I'm ready to go, so I can get it in the dryer.

Do you ever agonize about stupid laundry issues like:

Evil Bloggyman remarks - Sounds like a stupid OCD issue, not a LAUNDRY issue. Thanks, EB.

So much for the laundry conversation...

I need to shop for gifts, go swim, and hit some other stores including the grocery store. I really, seriously need to buy a turkey TODAY, ESPECIALLY if it's frozen! I don't even think I have room in the fridge for a big turkey, so it better be 10-12 pounds.

Can you tell I'm just talking to myself? Who needs a life coach - use that little voice in your head (or if you're like me - 5 little voices) that help you reason through something.

Changing subjects - the potluck at work (for 100 people) was fine yesterday, I didn't have a single dessert. Whew!

I got a good laugh at a meeting this week -

One girl at the meeting gets ready while her husband is still sleeping and doesn't turn on the lights- she said she arrived at work with two different shoes on.

I said I probably don't NEED the lights because I don't think I opened my eyes during my whole shower that morning. Do you ever do that? Sometimes I am still really asleep even though I am up and doing things.

What a philosophical day... Guess I'd better go DO something and not just THINK about it. TTFN and have a great day!

Friday, November 17, 2006


Day 270 - It's Friday, Hooray!

Greetings, Bloggy Weekend Warriors, and all Pilgrims who read this blog!

This photo is from my mother's church in Massachusetts that has beautiful stained glass images of the Pilgrims. Very rare and beautiful.

It's Friday, and it's the Friday before Thanksgiving!

March in a circle chanting 'Gob-ble, Gob-ble, Gob-ble'! (Go on, you know you want to).

I'll bet a lot of people are taking next week off. Have fun if you do! If I had enough vacation time built up, I would be! I am already planning to take NEXT Thanksgiving week off, that's how far in advance I plan things.

Both Charlie and I have 'Thanksgiving potlucks' to attend today, so I don't need to make any lunches. I am bringing a 3 lb bag of salad mix so I can make myself a turkey salad and try to avoid the other stuff. (Don't think I'm being good, Charlie and I polished off a whole pizza last night and I need to recover).

I remember having an 'extra' turkey in my freezer one year (stocking up when they were on sale), and cooking it for one of my daughter's school potluck dinners. BOY they were happy to see me arrive with a whole roasted turkey at that dinner.

Gee, it's after 6 already and I need to get a move-on.

Apologies if this is short, but I have to get things ready to bring to the potluck lunch. Can't forget serving utensils!

There's another big craft fair tomorrow (yes, again). By the way, I am going to get there early and camp out like I was trying to buy a Playstation. ;-) Then swimming, then shopping, then start on housecleaning! TTFN!

Thursday, November 16, 2006


Day 269 - Countdown to 'T-Day' - One Week Left!

OMIGOSH, Bloggy Readers - there's only ONE WEEK till Thanksgiving!

Shopping done for Thanksgiving dinner? Nope.
Turkey bought and defrosting? Nope.
Items for the TWO potluck dinners at work purchased? Nope.
House clean and ready for company? Nope.
Oven clean? Nope.
Coffee maker clean? Nope.
Huge pile of mail on the kitchen table sorted? Nope.

Christmas shopping done? Get REAL.

Well gee whiz, guess I'm just a poor unprepared slob this year! (Evil Bloggyman nods happily)

I KNOW I'm not alone. Somehow it'll all get done, I just don't really know WHEN.

Last night we had storms which resulted in a power outage for several hours. I lit 3 jar candles, but since all my candles are scented ones, it was dark AND the house smelled funny with the odd mixture of fragrances. :-)

I woke up in the night around 1am and immediately noticed there were lights on in various rooms. I got up and turned them off and jumped back into the sack.

Germ update - there's some froggy throat, laryngitis illness sweeping work at the moment - the 'guy-who-sits-behind-me' has it (he was home sick yesterday) and HE TOUCHED MY CANDY JAR the day before and got germs all over it.

I drew a skull and crossbones on a post-it note and stuck it on the jar to warn others it is contaminated.

A lady came by to get a Tootsie roll pop (yes, my leftover Halloween candy). I warned her about the germs. She guffawed and said - 'I'm not afraid of GERMS, I've got KIDs at home!'

Another guy came to get pretzels (yes, my leftover Halloween pretzels) and said basically the same thing, except to call children 'God's little petrie dishes'. Hysterical!

Well gang, this is getting long. Don't forget that it's Survivor Night! Pizza rules when you're not eating turkey!

Start your engines and get ready for Thanksgiving!

Roll sound clip from the kiddie Cinderella record we used to have...
Wash the dishes, scrub the floor, see who's knocking at the door. Where's my dress? Brush my hair! Gee, I can't be everywhere! Cinderella, Cinderella! I'm coming...


Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Day 268 - I'm An Auntie Again!

Greetings, Bloggy Genealogists!

I'm an Auntie again!

(What? At My Age? Hey, I'm not too old to be an Aunt, I just don't want to be the 'Old Aunt with the wart'. We had one of those when I was a kid.)

I'd better stock up on more cards for Valentines, Birthdays, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas - this new baby (Roxy!) makes 8 darling nieces and nephews for ME ME ME.

Quick stats - born yesterday at 8am, 7.5 lbs, mother and Dad doing fine.

Welcome to the world, new niece!

Repeat after me:
'Mom, I need a cell phone'.
'Dad, I need an allowance'.
'I want to go to private school. I hate all the kids at my school'.
'I never get to do anything my friends are allowed to do'.
'I want to take piano lessons'.
'I want to take dancing lessons'.
'I want to take singing lessons'.
'I want a TV in my room'.
'I want a pony'.

Well gosh, I could go on ALL DAY and not run short on that list!

Ah yes - I guess I should wait until the little one learns to TALK, shouldn't I?

Y'all have a nice day and hug the youngest member of your family for me!

Blogger is giving me grief this morning - grrrr....

Tuesday, November 14, 2006


Day 267 - I Can See! I Can See!

Greetings, Bloggy Optometrists! Or car mechanics...

My headlight is fixed, and I got to work on time to boot. I got to the dealership so early that the technician who writes up repair orders fixed my light, the cashier wasn't in yet, and the guy at the parts department gave me a good price on the bulb as well. I paid cash.

So my total repair bill was... $8.

Well worth it, and I had time to go get an extra large non fat cappuccino on my way to work.

Earth shaking news from our weekly visit to Cracker Barrel last night - I ordered their baked potato for the first time. I had never really noticed they HAD baked potatoes. They charge a dollar extra for one, but I thought it was worth it and I ate every bit of it including the skin.

A little high on the sodium scale because they salt the outside before they bake it - I've heard that makes them fluffier on the inside and I think it's true. Anyway, I liked it. I had grilled catfish, Charlie had roast beef, and our friends both had grilled spicy catfish.

Speaking of FOOD (so what else is new), there is a departmental potluck lunch at work on Friday, and we have another one planned just for our group next Tuesday. I'd kind of like to skip the group one on Friday and not start pigging out for the holidays just yet. I haven't psyched myself up for holiday feasting yet.

By the way - has anyone ever seen low-calorie cranberry sauce? Yes, I know I can make my own, but I'd rather just BUY it and not have a whole pound of it sitting around.

Hey family - I am running late on my Thanksgiving cards, I haven't bought any or mailed any yet! Hang in there, I'll get to it!

Phil, Tiff, Joe - yes I enjoyed my phone call from the UK last Friday, it made my day! I surely miss everyone there and ALSO miss having DUCK at all the lovely restaurants in England. I did order duck this summer in Newport, so I haven't completely gone into withdrawal.

Heather - my very FAVORITE Christmas craft fair is this coming weekend, so I'll take pictures of all my 'finds' of the past 2 weekends and make a blog out of it. Also (Heather), there's a package on the way to you from Please hold it for me till I'm there for early-Christmas!

Mom - have fun at the craft fair in Maine this weekend, I wish I was going with you! Feel free to get me something! ;-)

Well, that's most of the news of the day. TTFN and have a nice Tuesday!

Monday, November 13, 2006


Day 266 - Monday Rolls Around Again

Greetings, Bloggy Post-Traumatic-Weekend Syndromers!

It's Monday, it's in the TWENTIES here right now, it's pitch dark, and I have to blog-and-go this morning.

I have a headlight out on my Honda-CRV-4-Door-Color-White, and since it's DARK when I get out of WORK at the end of the day, I'm going to be AT the dealers when they open this morning and get a new headlight put in.

I might be a little late to work, but I can make that up at lunchtime.

By the way - this isn't MY crv, it's a newer model with a moonroof (nice!), but I liked the picture. It's my driver-side headlight that is out.

And yes, I know a lot of people do that kind of thing themselves. However, in MY opinion, that is what the car dealership is FOR - I don't have to worry about what kind of headlight, getting the part, or putting it in. That's what THEY do, and I am thankful for that.

I had a great weekend - spent yesterday morning swimming with my friend Debbie, then we met our other friend at the 'Caney Fork Catfish House' for lunch (catfish bites and grilled tilapia sandwiches), then went to see 'The Guardian' with Kevin Costner (it was good), then went shopping at the mall.

So you see, by the time I got home, cooked dinner, and watched the Amazing Race, there was no time for 'da blog'.

Gotta run, my baby car 'needs me' to take it to the doctor this morning. ;-)

By the way - My CRV is a 1999 and this is the FIRST light it's needed. AMAZING.

TTFN and have a great Monday!

Sunday, November 12, 2006


Day 265 - No Time To Blog...

Greetings and Apologies, Gentle Readers...

No, I'm not sick or dead or anything, there was just no time to blog this weekend!

Sorry - hope you had other things to do (like Live Your Life without the blog). ;-)



Saturday, November 11, 2006


Day 264 - Craft Fair Day!

Greetings, Bloggy Shoppers!

Debbie and I just got back from the craft fair - we're going to eat lunch (it's after 2:30) and then go out the door again.

This is just going to be a 'click and a promise' blog - Hello and Goodbye.

My favorite purchase at the craft fair - a sparkly gold scarf - looks like Christmas! ;-)

I got a few other things too, and MAYBE I'll tell and MAYBE I won't.

TTFN and sorry about the 'limited blogginess'. XXX-OOO

Friday, November 10, 2006


Day 263 - Friday and Super-Sleuthing

Greetings, Bloggy Sherlock and Bloggy Holmes!

It’s Friday!

March in a circle, wearing a trenchcoat and smoking a pipe, whispering ‘It’s Friday, It’s Friday!’. Lean over a little like 'Columbo' - that's it!

I’ve told this before, but I’ll tell it again...

I sat next to an FBI agent once. I started up a conversation – ‘So, you work for the FBI – what do you do?’ He asked, shocked - ‘How did you KNOW I work for the FBI?’ I answered ‘Maybe the GIGANTIC FBI RING ON YOUR FINGER tipped me off!

Breaking news... (roll sound clip of morse code tapping)...

After exhaustive super-sleuthing, I think I may have a lead on the murderous beast that killed the Crocodile Hunter.

I managed, at great risk of life and limb, to capture it and take it’s picture. It’s in the house now, waiting for a chance to STRIKE at my HEART.

Here it is…

Can you see the classic criminal profile?

It’s cruel eyes, gazing into the camera with no remorse?

Evil, I tell you! Evil! This has GOT to be the killer, I can just feel it. The local authorities (Toys R Us) will be coming by in the 'padded wagon' to take me and the killer away...

Other than capturing a murderous killer beastie, nothing much else is going on.

Have a great Friday and a great weekend!

You may have to wait a bit for tomorrow’s and Sunday’s blog, there are Christmas craft fairs this weekend!


Thursday, November 09, 2006


Day 262 - Survivor Night!

Greetings! You are looking mighty Bloggy this morning! Blogginess becomes you.

I really don't have much to tell this morning.

Weather report: It's going to be summertime hot today, it may hit 80 degrees. Normal is supposed to be in the low 60's. Oh my, what am I going to WEAR?

I broke something yesterday at work which will be fixed today. Oops. (Evil Bloggyman is grinning about that.)

Today is my very-nice-director's last day at work, and everyone is very sad she is leaving. I don't know who is going to lead our group now, temporarily or permanently. There's a little discomfort in the group about who we'll end up reporting to, or whether our group will even remain intact. I don't care - whatever will be, will be.

I have two brand-new things to work on, and a bunch of existing stuff too.

Two of the guys who sit near me are going to a conference in Seattle next week that I used to go to. My heart is broken because I'm not going too!

Remember I mentioned several days ago that I told a co-worker 'I wasn't going to let him be my bottleneck?' Well, it just so happens that my Dilbert page-a-day calendar ran a series about just that very thing. I tore it off and taped it to his monitor with a little 'deja vu' note, and he LOVED it. LOVED IT. I didn't even know he COULD smile. He lit up like a Christmas tree.

Blogcabulary Word of the Day: BLIGNORANT
Blignorant: Lacking in the knowledge of blogs or training in their usage; unlearned

By the way - you don't have a picture yet on the blog because BLOGGER is acting Blignorant and won't pop up the page that lets me load a picture in. Sheesh. I can't be bothered waiting for it to work, I've got places to go and things to do!

We usually have pizza on Survivor Night - but CHARLIE made chili (yes, he cooks sometimes!) so we are going to have 'chili pie'. Also known as 'walk away tacos' if it's not in a bowl.

Chili pie is a big bowl with corn chips or tortilla chips on the bottom, then chili, then cheese, then shredded lettuce, then chopped tomato, then sour cream on the top of the food mountain. Absolutely sinfully good.

You all have a great day today, enjoy Survivor Night, and stay cool! TTFN!

Wednesday, November 08, 2006


Day 261 - A Visit To The Polls

Greetings, Bloggy Voters and Absentee Balloters! Did you vote?

It's the Day-After-Election-Day, and, as it often happens, it rained all day on all the folks waiting patiently in line to exercise their privilege - as I put it - to choose the lesser of two (or more) evils.

I'll just tell a couple of stories from yesterday...

I arrived at work just before 8am, extra-large-nonfat-cappuccino in hand. One of my co-workers who normally gets in around 6:30am was also arriving. He tooted his horn at me, and I waited for him and we walked in together. He had gone to vote before work, and he said he was FIRST in line. I was impressed by that! Then he told me that his WIFE was about THIRTY people in back of him, and that he didn't let her cut in line to get in front with him, and he called out to her that she should have gotten up earlier!

I thought that was pretty funny and remarked that I hoped SHE was ok with that 'Because if Mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy.'

Our CIO sent out an email encouraging people to vote, and if we needed extra time at lunch or the end of the day, to work something out with our managers. I took advantage of that opportunity, and took a short lunch so I could leave half an hour early to go vote in the afternoon.

Next time I'll go first thing in the morning, I don't like to be around all the people and traffic in the pitch dark. I didn't think of that!

I got to the Volunteer Fire Department Building (A one room concrete box) and there were quite a few cars lining both sides of 'Bear Creek Pike'. I parked, and walked in.

The 'concrete box' was pretty empty except for three portable voting stands, a table where three registration-ladies (who could easily have been mistaken for church-supper-ladies) sat with blankets on their laps, and several 'helpers' stood in addition to the voters in line. As folks entered, the helpers would walk away from their stations to shake someones hand or hug someone, and then run back over to their stands. A pretty relaxed atmosphere.

There were about 20 people (I tried to count them so I could tell YOU) in line. I was by far the best dressed one there, and I was 'business casual'.

Most were dressed in their fall 'Farm casual', 'Redneck casual' or 'Walmart casual' outfits. A couple of scruffy, unshaven men dressed in 'redneck casual' eyed me. I ignored them.

Someone's cell phone went off with a musical ring tone, and an older man standing next to me started a little dance. I turned to him, looked him in the eye and asked in a neutral tone 'Is it safe for me to be standing next to you?' 'No, Ma'am', he replied. 'I get these fits every night around this time.' I laughed. Leave it to me to stand next to a practical jokester.

Since he seemed nice, I tried a little conversation (which was a mistake).

'I won't recognize anyone here unless I've seen them at the dump', I said. 'Oh?' he said. 'Which dump do you work at?'. I explained that I GO to the dump, I don't WORK at the dump. He countered by telling me that he knows most of the people who work at the dump, but he hadn't recognized me. Thanks for clarifying that, bud.

Anyway, it didn't take long, maybe half an hour or so, and I was on my way back home.

Feel free to post comments if you have a poll-tale to tell. TTFN and have a nice day!

Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Day 260 - Two's Company, Isn't It?

Greetings, Bloggy Couples and Bloggy Two-somes!

Don't forget to vote today!

Since it's Tuesday, today’s bloggy topic is a household of TWO.

There are so many of us out there, really!

There needs to be at least TWO people to even SAY ‘us’, for example. Uh, unless you are a household of one person and one pet - I've noticed that people say 'us' for that situation as well. It's OK by me.

You’d think two is the perfect number – some company, but not too much.

Not many bills for just two people, after all, there's just TWO of us.

Perfection, right? Well, yes, for me and Charlie it is, but don't think it's EASY AS PIE or anything! ;-)

I have a few comments about a household of TWO, thank you very much.

How can TWO people use so much space?
Plenty of room in a 2000 square foot house, right, especially since we have a BARN! And one bathroom each, to boot!

How can TWO people use so much toilet paper?

We ought to own stock in whatever company makes Charmin. And for that matter – bring back the OLD Charmin with no quilting, it was better than what they produce nowadays.

How can TWO people get so much MAIL?
There's a pile of mail on the kitchen table, a pile of mail on the kitchen counter, and Charlie has enough bills and magazines in a stack to fuel an small city's energy needs.

How can TWO people spend so much on groceries?
I could easily spend $150-$200 a week on groceries – every time I stop at the store I spend at least $50, and I stop more than once! Trip to the grocery store - $50, then Sams Club - $50, then Wal-mart - $50. When will it ever end? (When do we start eating dog food?)

How can TWO people have such a high electric bill?
Hmmm – maybe two computers, two VCRs, a fridge and a freezer, several loads of wash a week, a bunch of TVs, and half a million LIGHTS ON at all times has something to do with it.

How can TWO people just have ONE garage?
Thank heavens we have a barn, or the garage would overflow. Thankfully our vehicles do fit in it...for now.

How can TWO people have so much TRASH?
If Charlie didn't put the newspapers in the recycle bin, we'd generate a tall-kitchen can sized bag of garbage a DAY. When we WORK ALL DAY, where does all that TRASH come from?

Such a deep, deep subject, worthy of philosophical discussion... by someone else. Maybe TWO someones.

TTFN and have a great Tuesday!

Monday, November 06, 2006


Day 259 - It's Moan-Day Again!

Greetings, Bloggisimo's! It's another Monday again!

Charlie's out in a tree this morning, so I've got 'Golden Oldies' blaring on cable radio and drinking my bloggy juice (that Charlie made for me before he left. He's an angel-boy).

'Tragedy' by the Fleetwoods is playing, and it's appropriate for the loss of the weekend. 'You've gone from me, whoa whoa, Tra-ge-dy'...

Do you ever 'forget' to listen to music? I've been on an 'anti-radio' kick - the deejays drone on and on, there's annoying commercials, and they play the same 50 songs over and over again. So, I haven't been listening to much music and I need to change that. I love music. Cable radio that I get with Charter cable TV is much better, and no commercials, but I have to be home to hear it. I love their oldies station.

I found my headphones and will bring them into work this morning, along with some CDs to listen to at work. Guess I'd better hurry up and blog if I'm also going to look through CDs, eh?

I was dreaming when the alarm went off this morning. I was in a hotel with some other people, and the hotel staff was taking away the morning refreshments and clearing up. One of the guests decided she wanted a piece of fruit after they had picked up the fruit tray, and the hotel staff charged her NINE DOLLARS for it. Now why did I dream THAT?

I made my batch of strawberry jam yesterday, so the next batch I make will be 'black and blue'.

'Build me up, Buttercup' is playing, they don't even play that on the Nashville oldies station, they've changed their format and it sounds more like a Classic Rock station now. Bah, Humbug!

Well, gang, I'd better get a move on and fill my CD holder with a collection of 'a little bit of everything'.

Have a great Monday and Later, Gator!

Sunday, November 05, 2006


Day 258 - The Weekend Went Flying By - Whew!

Greetings, Blogregation! It's Sunday already, but you knew that, didn't you?

The weekend is flying by - and the laundry pile is shrinking. I need to buy a new shower curtain for one of our baths, IF it doesn't behave and undergo a complete makeover in the washing machine and turn into 'like new' again.

I've spent a little time this morning collecting the Halloween decorations around the house to put away. I should put them in an ORANGE storage bin so I can find them easily next year, but I don't have an ORANGE storage bin, so that ain't happenin'.

Oh, hang ON, gotta go get more coffee - I just looked in my cup and there is nothing in it except a speck at the bottom. What kind of motivation is THAT?

Back to my Thanksgiving planning:

My aunt and my sister make this DELICIOUS spinach/filo dough spanakopita at the holidays. It is SOOO extremely good, but very time consuming to make so we don't always have it, and it goes fast!

By the way family - when I come up there at Christmas time, don't get me presents, make spanakopita for me instead please!

So what do I do the rest of the year? Long story short, when I get a craving for spinach pie, I buy these! They are not as good as the homemade version, but they are JUST fine and I eat the whole box, which is two servings.

I bought two boxes at the grocery store yesterday - one to eat now and one to save for later... Maybe it'll make it till Thanksgiving but I doubt it. Maybe I should have bought more than two. I absolutely, positively love the spinach/feta cheese/filo dough combination.

So Nancy, should I talk about spinach and feta instead of wonton soup for a while?

I guess that's enough chatter for now - gotta go pack up those Halloween things and label them.

I am way behind on making jam - I usually have some at all times, but I am OUT, totally OUT. I need to make a batch of strawberry and a batch of 'black n blue'. I think I'll start with the strawberry, though our next door neighbor's favorite is black n blue. (Blackberry/Blueberry)

TTFN and have a nice Sunday!

Saturday, November 04, 2006


Day 257 - A-musing or two...

Greetings, Bloggy Saturday Shoppers!

The Countdown to Christmas is on! 7 weeks to go, and that is only a few paychecks!

Oh - wait a minute, there's Thanksgiving in there somewhere first. Then back to the shopping!

Aunt Nancy wants to hear more about TURKEY and STUFFING and GRAVY.

I saw the cutest Thanksgiving card ever at the coffee shop yesterday where I was getting an extra large non fat cappucino to go...

It was a cute little chipmunk with his little cheek-pouches crammed full of nuts, and half a peanut still showing in the center. Imagine the chipmunk in this picture sitting up and facing you with his little cheeks puffed up with peanuts in the shell.

You open the card and it says 'Go easy on the Stuffing! Happy Thanksgiving!' If they weren't $2.50 apiece I would have bought them all. I go to the Factory Card Outlet in Cool Springs and get lovely cards for .59 apiece. THAT is more my speed.

Evil Bloggyman, sneering: Cute, cute, cute today is it? You won't act that way on Monday, Ms. Bloggy hypocrite!

Yeah, he's right. But that's just too bad! I am in a most excellent mood today, because it's Saturday!

Charlie is off hunting this morning (muzzleloader season just started today), I'm doing some laundry and having my bloggy juice. Then I'm going to the dump, then swimming, then shopping and errands. I need to start thinking about buying my Thanksgiving turkey.

I have already started to plan my Thanksgiving menu... Here it is so far - for Nancy's benefit...

Turkey of course, slow roasted in my electric turkey roaster and timed to perfection by my 'way cool' remote control electronic temperature sensors Heather and Tony gave me. I may buy a fresh turkey, they tend to inject less salt into those. (Look for minimally processed on the wrapper).

Mashed potatoes (Charlie prefers garlic-mashed, so I'll throw some garlic in there). Peas in butter sauce. Tiny pearl onions. Cranberry sauce. Brown and serve rolls (best when stuffed with turkey). Maybe glazed baby carrots, I saw a recipe for them the other day and you put maple syrup on them!

STUFFING and GRAVY, my favorite. I like my stuffing, and it's easy! I buy Stove Top stuffing mix and doctor it up with Bells Poultry seasoning and sauteed onion and celery and broth vs. water. My mother makes 'real' stuffing (and I used to also) that you make with a hand grinder.

Dessert is a mystery - I don't know what we're going to do for dessert because we're always too full to eat it. Maybe just ice cream would work!

Maybe some glogg-spiced wine. Maybe some eggnog. Maybe some Pepcid-AC. Hmm - I'm almost out of Pepcid, I'd better get some for the holidays, shouldn't I?

Well, now I'm hungry. Gotta go toast a bagel. Bye and have a great day!

Friday, November 03, 2006


Day 256 - It's FRIDAY, Thank Goodness!

Greetings, Bloggy Weekenders!

Just one workday to complete, and the weekend is here! Hooray!

March in a circle with good posture today!

Head up, shoulders back! Fri-Day! Fri-Day! Fri-Day! Fri-Day!

Yesterday was rather a disaster...

I am SO ready for the weekend.

We had issues with a database and had to lock everyone out of it for most of the day. Not good the day after 'end-of-month'.

My manager was in a meeting when it was fixed, so I had to send out the notice when it was back up, which means a lot of the managers now have MY NAME. ;-) I also had to send it to our CIO, so HE has my name too.

The nice, friendly director of our group who hired me, who took us out for breakfast at Cracker Barrel, and who lets us go home early some afternoons brought us all into a conference room to tell us that she has turned in her notice.

Drat! Our whole team is upset. We'll probably get the Evil Bloggyman or one of his relatives in her place. (Evil Bloggyman snickers happily.)

I have testing to do but couldn't do it with the database down.

I have a release to do but couldn't do it because it also affects that database.

I told a co-worker to his face (who has been avoiding me for a week) that I wasn't going to let him be 'my bottleneck'. He took it well. ;-)

*Sigh*, well I think I'll just finish up here and get at it.

What I AM going to do today is wear jeans to the office for the first time since I started working there in July. That should feel like a treat.

TTFN and enjoy your Friday and enjoy the weekend!

Thursday, November 02, 2006


Day 255 - It's Thursday, and Survivor Night!

Greetings, Bloggy Survivors!

I am a survivor every day, for making it to and from work with notoriously bad drivers around me.

WHAT IS IT with people who won't turn off their &^%$# (that's a blexpletive) HIGH BEAMS? I have been followed by a lot of 'blinding vehicles' lately, and see them on the highway, surrounded by traffic, with their high beams on!


Even the photo above is annoying. That means it's perfect, by the way.

Evil Bloggyman: Now you're talkin', girl! Get some attitude! Flame on, dudette!
(Evil Bloggyman dances around, throwing fake punches like Rocky Balboa).

I think that people just don't CARE, just think of THEMSELVES, or just don't THINK.

Let me put it this way - Can you see me? Yes? Then turn those suckers on low beam!

Can you tell that I've already had half a cup of coffee this morning? I should say so!

Ahem... Let's move on to 'Sweetness and Light'... Maybe not...

I'm sorry for all the people at work who are sick right now.

(She said before she complains some more) Evil Bloggyman leans forward to listen, grinning.

The guy that sits on one side of me has been sick for a week, coughing and sneezing. I imagine the plexiglass barrier between us is a germ splash-shield, and the germs will stick to it instead of wafting OVER the cubicle wall to me. (Eew!)

My manager was out sick on Monday, she has the drainage/froggy thing going on now.

The guy that sits on the other side of me called in sick yesterday. FRESH sickness. Eew!

Guy-who-sits-behind-me wasn't in either. Is he sick too?

I keep taking 'readings' on myself - 'Is my throat starting to get sore?' 'Am I coming down with something'?

A guy I worked with in the past went home when he said 'He was starting to experience symptoms that might LEAD to a cold'. He wasn't sick yet, but was WORRIED about getting sick. Do you get a sick day for THAT? I dunno.

Gotta run, folks! You have a great day, and I will too! TTFN!

Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Day 254 - The Day After Halloween = Leftovers!

Greetings, Bloggy Midweekers!

It's Wednesday! It's November! Happy November the One-th!

Halloween is behind us and now I have all my Halloween knick-knacks to put away. *Sigh*

Hey - Candy's on clearance at all the stores! Halloween Merchandise is on clearance too, even at Cracker Barrel!

My mother reports she had 15 trick or treaters in Maine. We had TWO trick or treaters. TWO. And I didn't get to see them, I wasn't home early enough! *Sigh*.

A funny story about that...

The neighbor kids usually arrive before I get home (because it's getting dark), and Charlie didn't know if he'd be at home or not. So, we devised a plan so they'd get some candy whether we were there or not!

We left the candy bucket (AKA the plastic tub the Halloween pretzels came in - with the lid because it was sprinkling rain) on the front porch with a 'help yourself' sign on it. That WOULD have worked, but the kids couldn't get the lid off the bucket! What a dilemma!

They were turning the plastic top instead of removing the top. Thankfully Charlie was home and helped them get the top off the candy! I am laughing so hard my coffee is jiggling on the computer table.

My managers little boy was going to be spiderman - she said he'd been wearing his costume for SIX WEEKS and won't voluntarily take it off.

Guy-who-sits-behind-me's little girl was going to be Cinderella, and was all excited about it.

Now I have plenty of candy and pretzels left over to take to WORK, I am not leaving it here.

You have a safe and happy post-Halloween, and go get some of that clearance!

Time to start thinking about turkey and stuffing and gravy and cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, peas and onions, and green bean casserole, and... and... and...


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