Sunday, August 29, 2010


Day 1650 - Do you hEAR what I hEAR?

Greetings, Blogregation!

No, I'm not at a computer.

I am still posting blogs on an automated schedule while I am on vacation. (crickets chirping)

I just thought this tattoo was pretty distinctive - what do YOU think?

I think it's awesome!

Hope you're having a nice weekend.

I know I am, except maybe for worrying that I am eating too much, or spending too much money, or staying up too late. NAH.


Saturday, August 28, 2010


Day 1649 - Ha! Made you look!

Greetings, Bloggy Weekenders!

Let's all celebrate, like this lyrical soul...

So what do you think? Is it drugs or alcohol, or is he just high on life?

Do you see the partial image on the left? Did they all escape from an institution, perhaps?

Comment away! I'm not there to read them.


Friday, August 27, 2010


Day 1648 - Didn't think there'd be a blog - did ya?

Greetings, Bloggy TGIFers!

It's Friday, Hooray!

You know what to do - march in a circle chanting 'Fri-day! O-cean! Fri-day! O-cean!'

Yes, here's another beautiful sunrise photo in Maine, Maine, Maine...

I'll be watching the sunrise with a cup of hot Green Mountain (yum) coffee in one hand and my camera in the other.

I might need an extra hand to swat mosquitos with, but I hope not. Sometimes there are no mosquitos, and those days are my favorites.

More fun in the sun today. We'll be busy visiting, sunbathing, and maybe even swimming today - depending on how frigid the water temperatures are. I really want to go in the water, but it is SO cold it makes you NUMB!

TTFN, have a great Friday, and a great weekend!

Thursday, August 26, 2010


Day 1647 - Ocean, Here I Come!

Greetings, Bloggy Vacationers (and those of you who wish you were Vacationers)-

I am off on vacation at the crack of dawn today. By the time you read this blog I'll be on a plane, or possibly even in Maine already.

This is the view I'll have in the morning for the next several days - as the sun rises over the beautiful ocean in Maine, and I can't wait!

This afternoon I'll be having the most delectable haddock chowder (or chowdah) known to man at Huots Restaurant in Camp Ellis with my mother and Aunt Nancy - and maybe some onion rings, and maybe some fried clams.

I know you're jealous - admit it!

TTFN and feel free to chat with each other in the comments.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Day 1646 - Oh yes, my Vacation is nearly HERE...

Greetings, Bloggy Middlers!

Yes - Midweek and Midlife, unless you are this vacationer.

I think she may be a TAD past midlife, but she looks relaxed. I think I had that outfit in the 60's.

I know - I would be relaxed like that if I were MUMMIFIED.... Just kidding...

Okay, this is IT. Time to REALLY finish packing, REALLY decide what to discard from my overweight luggage, REALLY remind myself for the 100th time to take my cell phone and charger, and a million other details.

I know you're jealous. Admit it. TTFN!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Day 1645 - Vacation Minus TWO (fer Tuesday) Days!

Greetings, Bloggy Twofer Tuesdayers -

Yes, just TWO more work days and it will be VACATION for me, me, me!

I know - rub it in, why dontcha...

No, it isn't actually 48 hours and 32 minutes, this is just the only 48 hour countdown photo I could find quickly.

There is a beating heart above it - what the heck is that all about?

Anyway- the countdown is ON. I need to get serious about laundry, packing, wrapping up loose ends at work, EVERYTHING.

I've already been to the bank, made one list (that I know I left some things off of), taken out WAY too many clothes, etc. etc.

Wish me luck, 48 hours left to go and counting!

Monday, August 23, 2010


Day 1644 - My Last Monday at Work for TWO WEEKS

Greetings, Moanday Moaning Blah-gers!

This picture that I found when I searched for 'Monday Morning Blahs' made me laugh out loud. What a sweet smile for such a nasty t-shirt message!

I really don't have anything to moan about - I am going on VACATION later this week! This is my first vacation since returning to work in March, and I am very excited about it.

Warning - warning! I may not have time to pre-write a blog for each day while I am gone. I'll probably just write a few.

Hang in there, and I'll be back with the daily blog after Labor Day.

TTFN and have a nice Monday!

Sunday, August 22, 2010


Day 1643 - Sunday Again and 17 Again

Greetings, Blogregation -

Well, yesterday was a pretty good day, except a big job I had running at work went for 9 hours and then failed and had to be started over again. Sheesh.

We watched another cute movie yesterday titled '17 Again'.

I won't tell any spoilers, but my favorite parts involved some Lord of the Rings references and dialogue.

Changing subjects to the weather...

There were a lot of thunderstorms around yesterday. I notice that every time it rains hard now - the media acts like another 100 year flood is about to happen.

They even reported that sandbags were being made by Metro Nashville jail inmates... I thought they were supposed to be making license plates! Did I miss something?

Anyway - I am starting to prep for my trip later this week, though my 'packing' is more like 'pile everything up in the guest room that you want to bring'.

TTFN and have a great Sunday!

Saturday, August 21, 2010


Day 1642 - Saturday....or Leap Year?

Greetings, Bloggy Look-before-you-Leapers!

We watched a cute movie last night - a Romantic Comedy called Leap Year.

We enjoyed it - it has the same actress that played in Julie and Julia, so if you liked her in that, you'll like her in this movie too.

I also tried 'ChocoVine' wine yesterday. Thanks again to TY and SY for the celebration gift!

ChocoVine isn't really a wine, though it has wine in it. It tastes more like Chocolate Baileys with a kick.

Check it out at:

I'll be going to water aerobics and the grocery store, but I need to do some work too. Wish me luck, and TTFN!

Friday, August 20, 2010


Day 1641 - Friday, Hooray!

Greetings, Bloggy TGIFers -

It's Friday, Hooray!

Here's some TGIF Ladies to help us celebrate. You know what to do - March in a circle chanting 'Fri-day! Fri-day! Fri-day!'

I am SOOO ready for the weekend, even though I might need to work a little.

Also - the countdown is ON. Just a few work days for me next week, then it's time for VACATION!

What are YOU doing this weekend? Inquiring minds want to know!

TTFN and have a great Friday.

Thursday, August 19, 2010


Day 1640 - Are you going to Frye-burg Fair? Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme...

Greetings, Bloggy Fair Followers!

Here's a great picture of the Horse pulling at the Fryeburg Fair in Maine last year.

I might as well just go ahead and tell you a little bit about the Fryeburg Fair in Maine, Maine, Maine.

Because the growing season 'up they-ya' doesn't get going till MAY or so - the Fryeburg Fair doesn't happen till Columbus weekend, in October. Read all about it if you want to...

It was so cold one year there were snow flurries, and I had to put snow jackets and mittens on the kids. Brrrr....

The Fryeburg Fair is huge, and has everything you could want in a county fair, and more. One year we almost hit a moose in the dark - that doesn't happen in Wilson County, Tennessee. One year I took a wrong turn and ended up between Portland and Saco, Maine, more than an hour out of my way. Oops.

If you go - you have to have a crisp candy apple, made with local Maine apples. The best ones ever. Also - don't miss the doughboys (deep fat fried dough smothered with butter and sugar - I like mine with butter and salt, but that's just me).

Now I'm starving.... TTFN and enjoy the Fair if you go!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Day 1639 - Midweek and Midlife

Greetings, Bloggy Middlers!

There's nothing 'Middlin' about the Wilson County Fair in Lebanon, TN.

Apart from the Fryeburg Fair in Maine, the Wilson County Fair is my absolute favorite.

It started the 13th, and runs through next weekend, I think!

I can just smell the fried dough, french fries, and the walkaway tacos. A walkaway taco is made by splitting a bag of fritos open the long way, and putting the taco meat (or chili), cheese, lettuce, tomato, sour cream, etc right over the fritos in the bag.

Then they hand over the whole thing to you with a fork sticking out of it, and you can walk around and eat it at your leisure. They are WONDERFUL.

Here's a link to the fair website if you are interested...

What else do they have there? Everything you could possibly want in a county fair, that's what!

They have animal shows and judging, a midway, a demolition derby, tractor pulls, lawnmower races, clogging and entertainment, a grange hall, a pioneer days area, and that's just getting started!

If you live in Tennessee - I highly recommend going to the Wilson County fair.

TTFN and have a nice Midweek!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Day 1638 - Oh where, oh where have the car keys gone...

Greetings, Bloggy Lost and Found-ers!

I had an interesting morning yesterday. I went out the door to work with my purse in one hand and my breakfast in the other...


I really don't think that has ever happened to me. It's not like I normally set them down anywhere - I always have my car keys clipped onto my purse with a carabiner.

But NOOOOO, not yesterday morning. So - after a few minutes of aggravated searching, I decided to use one of my spare car keys and look for my keyring later.

I couldn't find my spare car key.

I couldn't even find my VALET key.

I finally called Charlie - he told me where to find the spare keys, and I prepared again to leave for work.

Then, of course, I found my car keys. They were UNDER THE CONSOLE in my car. I have no idea how the keys even got there, but I'll never figure it out, so I have to move on.

My day continued to be crazy, but at least I had my keys. Both sets.

TTFN and KEY-p your eyes on your KEYs!

Monday, August 16, 2010


Day 1637 - The Curse of the Lint Monster

Greetings, Monday Morning Blah-gers!

No, this is not OUR dryer vent, but I am worried about ours. I think something needs cleaning that we can't reach.

This isn't a new problem, it happens every once in a while.

I did 3 loads of laundry yesterday, and I started to smell burnt dust in the Den (near the laundry room).

Does that mean that the house is about to burn down, or just that the lint is getting hot, or WHAT?

I don't wanna burn the house down over dryer lint - you know what I mean?

Thank you for listening, and please give me some Lint Monster exorcism advice!

Sunday, August 15, 2010


Day 1636 - Is it a Stand off, or a Hoof Off?

Greetings, Blogregation!

You remember the "horses that guard the corner" of their enclosure? I pass them every day, and they are there, guarding that corner.

They sometimes face each other, sometimes face caddy corner, sometimes even stand side by side - but they are IN that corner.

So guess what? They have company! There is now another set of horses (another kind) in the enclosure with them. They are another matched set, but a different breed of horse, and very dark.

When I passed them yesterday they were having a 'Face off/Stand off/Hoof off' in the corner. The two brown horses were guarding their corner as usual, and the two NEW horses were standing side by side, facing the brown ones. They were all standing there - looking at each other.

You could just SEE the new horses coveting that corner. They must have been thinking 'Boy.... that corner sure looks nice. I wish those guys would let US stand in there, we're the GUESTS'.

Me and my friend S.Y. are going on a shop-a-thon and out for lunch today. TTFN and have a nice Sunday!

Saturday, August 14, 2010


Day 1635 - Rainbow Connections

Greetings, Bloggy Weekenders!

A beautiful rainbow (not this one - another) kept me company yesterday on the drive home.

It was just after a short rain (which for once didn't close the pool in Franklin). Seeing the rainbow made me feel peaceful and happy, and more than once I spoke to it and said (out loud) 'Hi Beautiful - I see you!'

I know that's dumb, but that's what I did. It's the same as when I say hello to the moon. I just gotta do it.

I have cleaned the master bath this morning, and have all the towels (even the shower curtain) in the washing machine. Domestic goddess tip: Always wash your shower curtain along with towels, they help to clean it.

Do you get IN the shower to clean it? I do! That is a slight problem when I had already put all the towels in the wash. I drip dried afterwards.

I'm going to make myself a big iced coffee (we have had something like 28 days in a row above 90 degrees, and quite a few over 100), some eggs, and then get ready for water aerobics.

TTFN and have a great Saturday!

Friday, August 13, 2010


Day 1634 - It's Evans birthday and Facebook Friday, Hooray!

Greetings, Bloggy Facebook Fans...

Look how happy Miss Savi is, because it's Uncle Evan's birthday, and it's Friday in your Face(book) day!

You know what to do - march in a circle chanting 'E-van! Face-book! E-van! Face-book!'

Somewhere - a mom is hollering at her kids saying 'Wipe that smile off your Face(book)!'

Somewhere - someone has goofed up and is trying to save Face(book)!

Somewhere - someone has gotten in trouble and has to Face(book) the music!

Has anyone written a song yet called 'Boogie in the Face(book)'? You know, like Eddie Murphys 'Boogie in the Butt'. Love that song.

It might go something like this (play a singsong beat and tap your toe in time to the music...)

Post a comment in your Face(book).
Write on a wall, with your Face(book).
Go to the mall, with your Face(book).
Post a photo, on your Face(book).
Request a friend, with your Face(book).
Do it again, with your Face(book).
Chat it UP, with your Face(book).
Boogie in the butt, with your Face(book).

Disclaimer: No drugs or alcohol contributed to the writing of this blog.
Have a great weekend, and everyone wish Evan a very Happy Birthday!
Oh...I see. Everyone is on FACEBOOK. Crickets chirping on the blog... Hmmm...

Thursday, August 12, 2010


Day 1633 - It's not my's Facebooks!

Greetings, Bloggy Readership!

Facebook ate my blog... (you know - like 'the dog ate my homework')

Not really - but it was 10:30pm when I wrote this, and Facebook ate up all my time.

That means all of YOU get no blog.

I responded to messages, chatted with my niece in 'chat', commented on 'stuff', uploaded a photo album, and searched for and friended and befriended some folks.

The good news? Uhhhh... That tomorrow is FRIDAY! Also - all my medical stuff yesterday went well and I am doing great.

TTFN and have a great Thursday.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Day 1632 - Or Day 3 of Facebook

Greetings, Bloggy Colts Fans!

No, not the football team - colts as in young horses.

If you've been reading my blog long enough - you know that every year one of the nearby horse farms lets the colts out in the lower pasture (with their moms), and I usually end up naming one or two of them.

FINALLY, the colts are there! I thought there weren't any this year, it's been so long since spring. They look so cute sprawled out on the grass without a care in the world.

I'm taking half a day off this afternoon (yes, I have to miss class) for medical stuff. I'll enjoy the 100 degree day and my time off.

Have a great Wednesday, and TTFN!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Day 1631 - Or... Day 2 of Facebook

Greetings, Bloggy Face-offs!

So - I signed up for Facebook yesterday, and started 'friending' and accepting friend requests and writing on walls and commenting and stuff like that.

I got more emails this first day than I have EVER received in 24 hours. I had to clean up my inbox!

Every single activity on Facebook including SNEEZING appears to send me an email.

I wonder how I'll have time to read all the Facebook stuff AND keep my emails cleaned up.

Hey - Facebook people out there - do you READ the emails from Facebook or just delete them?

TTFN and have a nice Tuesday!

Monday, August 09, 2010


Day 1630 - Monday, Monday...

Greetings, Bloggy Facebookers.

Okay, I did it.

I signed up on Facebook yesterday.

I didn't put on a picture yet.

I had a really hard time trying to find where to put my middle name.

I didn't fill in very much on my profile.

However - I did it, and it's done.

So there. Go write on my wall or friend me or something, will ya?

TTFN and have a nice Monday!

Sunday, August 08, 2010


Day 1629 - No! Slow Down! The weekend is going by too fast!

Greetings, Blogregation!

I'm not ready for the weekend to be over, are you? No! No! No!

No, I haven't done my homework yet, but I did work on it a little.

No, I didn't make the batch of jam I wanted to make.

No, I haven't done weekend wash yet or washed the kitchen floor.

No, I didn't take advantage of the back to school tax free weekend.

Guess I'd better get a move on and get some weekend stuff done, right? Right!

TTFN and have a nice Sunday!

Saturday, August 07, 2010


Day 1628 - Saturday, Hooray!

Greetings, Bloggy Wedding Wannabes!

Charlie and I are going to a wedding shower today for one of his relatives.

The bride-to-be is the 'daughter of the daughter of one of Charlie's first cousins'.

In my mind, that makes the bride-to-be a first cousin, twice removed. Is that correct?

Another member of that family got married last year, and Charlie attended that shower (I had to work).

When we received the invitation to this shower, it was so similar that Charlie thought an old invitation had gotten lost and took a year to get here! Too funny!

Have fun today - especially for the beachgoers.

It's ONLY going to be 92 today, that is totally a cold snap! It will be back to 100 by midweek, and high 90's the rest of the week.


Friday, August 06, 2010


Day 1627 - Friday, Hooray!

Greetings, Bloggy TGIFers-

It's Friday, Hooray! I love this picture.

You know what to do - march in a circle chanting 'Fri-day! Fri-day! Fri-day!'

I have GOT to get to work on my homework. I have avoided thinking about it since class on Wednesday.

We have to 'refactor' a program and rewrite it as object oriented using classes and structs. Makes perfect sense, right? Right.

Changing subjects - let's talk about Zombies, shall we?

Charlie and I watched '28 Weeks Later' last night on demand. (sequel to 28 Days Later). It's a movie about flesh eating crazy people who have been infected by a mysterious, incurable virus.

I would just call them zombies, but Charlie did point out that true zombies are the undead who have come back to life, rather than crazed, violent, hungry people who have been infected by a virus. I think any humanlike creature feeding on other humans qualifies as a zombie.

What do YOU think? And if you haven't seen 'Zombieland' - DO IT. It's a great movie.

TTFN and have a nice Friday!

Thursday, August 05, 2010


Day 1626 - The 'Gardein' of Eden

Greetings, Bloggy Veggie-Tale-ers!

I want to talk about a new low cal product I just tried; Gardein meat-free buffalo wings.

One bag is 2.5 servings. I ate the whole bag, and that was only 225 calories, not counting the splash of olive oil I put in the frying pan. Low in fat, huge in the protein category.

I didn't use the buffalo wing sauce that comes with them, I just sprinkled cajun seasoning on them while I was cooking them. I like dry rub on wings, NOT that gooey sauce.

They were one of the best 'tastes like chicken' products I have ever tasted. Maybe THE best. I gave a bite to Charlie, who said 'If you hadn't told me, I might not have known'.

No, I am not a vegetarian. Anyone who knows me knows that Prime Rib and Lobster are two of my favorite foods.

I am closer to a career dieter. Some people make New Years resolutions to change jobs, become more happy, learn to paint, get married, etc.

My New Years Resolution might well have been 'Achieve my target BMI this year'.

I have a sign on my fridge that says 'Not afraid of heights. Afraid of WIDTHS'. I love that!

Anyway - thought you'd be interested in my product endorsement. Opinions are free. TTFN!

Wednesday, August 04, 2010


Day 1625 - Midweek and Midlife

Greetings, Bloggy Middlers!

Here's a photo of some eggs cooking in their egg rings in a frying pan.

I don't use the egg rings very often, but they certainly do work!

And speaking of frying pans - it is supposed to be at least 100 degrees this afternoon, the hottest day so far this year. Blech - too bloody hot!

It is boiling outside, but freezing inside at work. Even the men are bringing jackets into work to wear in the bitter cold!

I have a sweater, a cardigan, and a shawl to wear as needed at work. Some people have blankets and even snuggies in their cubes! You know that is such a waste of energy in addition to being uncomfortable.

Class today at lunchtime - wish me luck! TTFN!

Tuesday, August 03, 2010


Day 1624 - Help! I'm Dressing and I Can't Get Out!

Greetings, Bloggy Ladies and Gents -

I have a very serious subject to talk about today. Okay, ladies - 'fess up!

Have you ever been trapped inside a sports bra?

It happens to me all the bloody time! It usually occurs when I am dressing at the gym after a shower. The sports bra will roll up my back and become a torture device under each arm.

I have to become a temporary contortionist and bit by bit, unroll the darn thing until I can move again!

I actually have one sports bra - a Reebok I think - that I got STUCK in and couldn't get it ON or OFF. I seriously considered getting someone else in the locker room to help me. I won't wear that one to the gym any more - it's too darn dangerous!

Would someone please tell me where I can get some plain, stretchy cotton sports bras that have a CLASP in the front or the back? I need some help. I shouldn't need a 'life alert' with me to DRESS MYSELF.

TTFN and be careful dressing!

Monday, August 02, 2010


Day 1623 - Caving in - or about to!

Greetings, Monday morning Blah-gers!

Yes, it's Monday AGAIN - why does that keep happening, over and over and over...

Charlie's plane was late yesterday coming home, but he's back from his Iowa trip.

This photo should really say 'Caving In', because I haven't really Caved In yet.

What am I talking about? I have decided to do two things that I thought I would never do.

Disclaimer - I have NOT said WHEN I will do these things, just that I have made up my mind that I will. That means it will happen, for those of you who don't know me very well.

Here's the news...

I am going to get my ears pierced (because clips hurt too much and I have short hair now), and I am going to get a Facebook account so people won't bug me about being on Facebook anymore.

That's it! Big announcement for something I haven't even DONE yet. Ha!

TTFN and have a great Monday!

Sunday, August 01, 2010


Day 1622 - August is here!!!

Greetings, Blogregation -

Happy Birthday, Brudda-in-law Steve! Do something fun today!

It's Sunday AND it's August the One-th. I decided to put a photo of ice cream on the blog today, because August is HOT and ice cream is COLD!

As seen on a church sign nearby - 'Does your house have prayer-conditioning?'

Have I mentioned that some of the schools here have already gone back? IT'S SO EARLY!!!

I drove to work the other day, and some kids were standing outside waiting for the bus, and other parents and kids were sitting in their cars at the end of their driveways. Like I said... IT'S SO EARLY!!!

Completely changing subjects - I am watching 'The Best Thing I Ever Ate' on the Food Channel, and guess what? The last 3 dishes were some of MY favorites!!

The show featured Guy Fieri talking about the NY System hot weiners in Providence, RI. Locals call them 'gaggers', and they are to die for. (Side note - I don't know whether or not to tell this story, but here goes...I had someone tell me once he'd pay for mine if I would let him watch me eat them. I did not take him up on the offer. I know that's totally crude but it's a true story.)

Then another chef talked about Grilled Oysters. His faves were from a place in New Orleans, but I get them in Franklin at the Cajun Steamer restaurant. Oysters cooked in the shell on the grill are AWESOME. As I write this, they are talking about grilled lamb - and if you THINK you like lamb, you will LOVE lamb done on the grill. It is my favorite way to cook lamb.

Well, this is getting long, so Happy August and TTFN!

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