Thursday, May 26, 2011


Day 1920 - Well, at least he TRIED...

Greetings, Bloggy Phone Callers!

Okay. I was on hold for an HOUR yesterday (off and on) with the cable company.

I had just gotten home, hadn't had any supper, and had a message on the answering machine that took clairvoyance to interpret.

I called, and the first number I called said they were closed.

I looked online for another number, and waited on hold for that representative.

When I finally reached a customer service person, they couldn't help me, and tried to reach someone who could.

The representative went from department to department looking for someone to resolve my issue. I might have some of these names wrong, but there were several - billing, preinstall, retention, support.

Turns out the call center that I needed was CLOSED due to the severe weather in St. Louis. I have to try again tomorrow. I will say that the customer service rep did TRY to find someone else, but no luck.

TTFN and I hope you succeed in all your endeavors today!

I like your photo!
Hello! Almost time for the bedtime rituals, so just a quick hi and bye. Spent all day in Rehoboth a little sunburnt, but it was a nice day! My friend is feeling much better, thankfully! Work tomorrow, then a wonderful long weekend! Craft fair Saturday, Beach Sunday and a Daddy day Monday...not sure what we will do, but it will be fun!
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