Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Day 2373 - The Mall of America is Awesome!

Greetings, Bloggy Coaster Riders!

I got to see the Mall of America last week when I was in Minneapolis, Minnesota for a training class.


There is a 7 acre amusement park INSIDE the mall, as well as FOUR GIGANTIC FLOORS of stores, restaurants, and a movie theatre.

Around the mall?  More stores and several hotels, including an IKEA store.

I think I could live there.

I can believe that they do an even bigger business in the winter when people don't want to be in the bitter cold. 

The hardest thing?  Finding where you parked the car!

Just checking in on all the blogs I haven't read yet so I'll be up to date when I see you, Karen!

Saco forecast - Thurs 86, Fri 82, Sat 80, Sun 80, Mon 81 (lows 60-61)--only 10% chance of rain-yaaayy!

See you sooooon!
I wouldn't want to be looking for a silver car of any make! Pretty impressive! See you soon!
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