Thursday, August 09, 2012


Day 2361 - EYE have an EYE announcement...

Greetings, Bloggy VIEWers!

They haven't come in yet, but I actually (and finally) spent the bucks to get some REAL reading glasses.

I am officially OLD now.  (boo hoo!)

I have a new computer at work and the display makes everything smaller.  Hence, GLASSES.

Yes, I had to take an eye test, and yes, I can see distance just fine.  The closer and smaller it is, the worse I can see.  

Threading a needle?? NOT.

Anyway - I hope they come in soon, they had to order my frames.

Poor, OLD Mamma. lol!!! I'm not far behind, ya know!!
Join the old folks with glasses Karen! Nothing to be ashamed of.

I have been glued to the TV watching the Olympics. I record the segments on NBC, then watch it at night, takes many hours since I fall asleep for awhile and then wake up to watch more. Then when I watch the Today show, I see more highlights.
I've been buying reading glasses for several years now, mostly from Reny's (Maine) or Ocean State Job Lot (Rhode Island). Under $3 a pair at both. I get several types: 1.75 for reading, 2.0 for bad days, and 3.0 for detail work.

Yes, old is the new young! ;-)
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