Sunday, July 15, 2012


Day 2336 - Friday the 13th Revisited...

Greetings, Bloggy Scare-Bears,

I thought you'd enjoy hearing about my Friday the 13th...

I started my morning making a pot of coffee at work. 

I poured a cup, and it was full of coffee grounds!  The filter had caved in inside the filter basket, and the coffee was no good. 

I dumped the whole thing out, washed out the filter basket and the pot, and started again.  Grrr...

Very soon after finally enjoying my cup of 'good' coffee, nature was calling.  I went to the ladies room, and got the LAST SHREDS of toilet tissue in that stall (my very favorite one that I use most of the time).  Grrr...

I walked back to my cube, made a sign that said 'NO TOILET PAPER'!!  and hung it on the stall door.  MAYBE there will be more on Monday.  

The last time the paper was out, the housekeeping attendant was IN THERE.  I started requesting (loudly) that I WAS OUT OF paper.  She handed in a roll of PAPER TOWELS...  Good grief!

That was just the beginning, NOT the end of my various Friday-13-isms.

I hope YOU had a wonderful 13th!

No Friday the 13th scary stories! Enjoyed yours!
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