Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Day 2331 - A Great Escape...Show!

Greetings, Bloggy Escape Artists,

Do you know about the new TV Show - the Great Escape?

Similar to the Amazing Race, it involves teams of people trying to beat other teams to win a big prize.

However, the twist is - each week they have to ESCAPE from a secret place they haven't ever seen before.

They also have to be secretive, avoiding guards and other people trying to prevent their escape.

The premiere was Sunday night - set your DVRs and give it a try!

now that the 'big dog' is gone and I have my living room back, I will be able to watch tv again! woohoo! I'll check that one out :)
Karen, the last blog I saw was July 2nd! Very busy! Dave, Alli, and Tim left today, so back to "normal" I miss them and Heather, Savi, and Evan. What a great 4th we had with them here!

Heather, so glad "big dog" is gone, and you have your living room back!

No, I won't be watching "Escape"--too scary!
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