Monday, July 02, 2012


Day 2323 - Is that really '55'?

Greetings, Monday Morning Blah-gers!

It's Monday, yes, but the Monday of a Holiday week is a better Monday than usual... maybe...

Here's an awesome granddaughter photo, that is a great expression and the umbrella makes it look all rosy!

We went to see 'Magic Mike' yesterday, and it was okay. I thought the lead actor was good, and the dancing was good too!

Charlie was one of maybe THREE men in the whole theater.

As we were walking in, I said 'Go ahead, token male'... and the posse of women in front of us giggled loudly.

Did Charlie like the movie? Did he take notes?? ;) Savi was singing at me when I took that picture...she's silly.
Notes? NOTES? Are you kidding me? I was a chief consultant for the movie makers and actors. They took notes from me. :-) Oh, and I am VERY happy that your mom enjoyed it. *tee hee*
another great photo! How much I enjoyed going to the beach last Sat with Heather, Savi, and Evan. Savi sat in my lap and rested for awhile after lunch (I guess you were on the phone with Nancy at that time, Karen.) We'll be seeing them again soon, Yay!

I missed all of your blogs last week and quickly perused them just now. Jeepers, Charlie really was eager to cool off, slipping into the creek! And yes, I too would like an Alaskan cruise, and to take a trip by rail through the mountains of the Canadian Northwest. Actually I'm very content with yearly Ferry Beach, Newport, and every other year PEI!
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