Friday, June 15, 2012


Day 2306 - Everything's Better With BACON on it...

Greetings, Bloggy Bacon Lovers,

While I have FOOD on the brain (which is a daily thing),  I should say that all the Fully Cooked, Ready to heat and eat BACON options out there ROCK.

I have tried Oscar Mayer, Wal-mart's Great Value brand, Kroger, and a couple more brands.

It is SO quick and easy!

In seconds, you can heat up a few strips for breakfast, OR a sandwich, or chop some up for a salad topping. You can easily wrap slices around scallops or shrimp without the bacon turning out mostly raw.  There is even less grease and waste to deal with.

AND THE BEST NEWS YET?  If you have read the blog over the years, one of my pet peeves is to get a package of bacon that doesn't cook up right.   Edges that curl up, ends that are rubbery with the middles being overdone, funny shaped pieces that won't line up in a pan, slices of uneven thickness etc.  


Thank you, Oscar Mayer and other manufacturers!

Hey, we didn't walk in a circle around pre-cooked bacon! I'll have to try that bacon. I too hate to cook the regular stuff for all the reasons you mentioned!

I've been absent from commenting on the blog all week--just a busy week! some days it's too late to comment, nobody in their right mind would be reading it at 10:30 at night.
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