Wednesday, June 06, 2012


Day 2297 - An Incredible.... Dream?

Greetings, Bloggy Dreamers!

I saw the movie 'The Avengers' when we were on vacation in Florida. In the movie, several superheroes come together to save the planet. 

One of the superheroes was the Incredible Hulk. The reason I mention him is...

Monday night I dreamed that the Incredible Hulk was trying to get me through the window of my car!  Yipes!

I have NO idea why I dreamed that, but the end result is that it scared me and I reached out (literally) to push the Hulk away and whacked Charlie right in the chest!

So sorry, Charlie!!   I didn't think I was so tough in my sleep - fighting back against the Incredible Hulk is probably not such a smart thing to do!

at least it wasn't your elbow to his head!!! Go get em Mamma. You're tougher than the Hulk for sure.
Wow! Just like a war veteran's nightmares. Uncle Ray used to kick Mary Ann in his sleep! Maybe we shouldn't go to see the Avengers!
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