Tuesday, June 05, 2012


Day 2296 - Food Challenge Number 5000...

Greetings, Bloggy Flipped Out-ers!

The hardest kitchen challenge I can think of (aside from overeating of course), is FLIPPING AN EGG.

You'd think after forty years or so of cooking, that would be a snap.  NOT SO...

Charlie likes his eggs over medium.  That means the yolk should still be runny, but the egg should be turned over.

The 'Turning Over' part of the equation is the difficulty...

The heat has to be just right.

You have to wait just the right amount of time for the white to be set and ready to turn, without cooking the underside of the yellow part. 

You have to make a firm slide of the spatula under the egg to be able to turn it, and turn it without crashing the yolk into the side of the pan or the edge of the spatula.

You must turn it gently or you will break the yolk.

MOST of the time I can do it, but I apologize a lot when I don't!!

We don't fry eggs very often (usually scrambled with cheese), but when we do, mine is easy as the yolk is smashed down so as to be unrecognizable, but Gil has 2 eggs over easy. Now that's the challenge! Back to the blog to read further!
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