Sunday, June 03, 2012


Day 2294 - What makes white clothing ATTRACTIVE?

Greetings, Bloggy Spotters!

Most days I don't usually worry about spots and stains on my clothing... UNLESS I am wearing white.

If I put on a white shirt, I can pretty much bank on SOMETHING getting it dirty.

Even a visit to the sink can get detergent on you, or water, or both.

I still can't muster the bravery required to wear white SLACKS... I just can't do it.  That is too large an area of fabric to control!

This isn't specific to wearing white, but every time I eat chocolate in my car, some of it ends up on my clothes. "Why is that?", I ask myself.
White clothing is such a mystery to me. You're right, it is a magnet for stains. I could wear any other color and not have a mark, do the exact same thing throughout the day wearing white and you'd know the history of my day!
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