Thursday, May 31, 2012


Day 2291 - So long, May - Hello, June!

Greetings, Bloggy Month Enders...

Here's another cute photo of Savi and 'baby', and I saw the 'MAY' coupon on the door, which works for our last blog of the month.

Today is my sister in law's birthday - but I don't think she reads 'da blog' so I need to be sure to post something on Facebook.

But I digress - I want to say goodbye to May.  So long, Month of May!

The last day of May means it's time to pay bills again.  We also have a maintenance man coming today for a tuneup on our HOME air conditioner.

May felt like a LONG month - did it feel that way to you?  We have a busy June coming up, at least in terms of busy weekends.

TTFN and June is just a day away!

Such a sweet smile on Savi's face!

Yes, we'll have to go to Facebook to wish Steph a Happy Birthday! I did leave a phone message for her.

Such a cute birthday card today from Savi for her great-grammy--she printed her name, and drew a picture of herself or me! Thanks Heather for your card, too. Very nice!
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