Sunday, May 27, 2012


Day 2287 - Oops! Better Late than Never!

Greetings, Bloggy Holiday Weekenders!

Here is our little drama girl, Savi, with the Newport Bridge in the background.  I love this picture!

We've already been to the health club this morning, and come home, and I put in a wash after scouring my closet for a particular SPF-30 sunblock shirt that I can't find...

I found OTHER shirts that are in the wash instead, it is BLAZING hot here and I need my very coolest shirts to wear.

By the way - we set a record high yesterday of 95 degrees, and it may get hotter than that today.

We may dodge the heat and go to the movies this afternoon to see MIB III.

Have a wonderful holiday weekend!

What an adorable picture, thanks! Wow you are in the heat belt, I guess! Have a good Memorial Day everyone.
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