Thursday, May 24, 2012


Day 2284 - Where Exactly IS La-La Land?

´╗┐Greetings, Bloggy Disappearing Acts!

I have finally figured out where La-La Land is....

It's that place in cyberspace that the little spinning hourglass comes from.

Does your computer periodically 'disappear' and go off into space - usually while it's doing an update of some sort?

It makes Charlie so mad when that happens during the day.  Maybe those automatic update applications don't know that PEOPLE MIGHT BE USING THE COMPUTER DURING THE DAY.

Also, software programs are gigantic nowadays - you need a huge amount of disk space, or you are in trouble.

Speaking of space, I transferred some files to our backup storage recently - it took several HOURS for them to copy! 

So much for computers doing everything in the blink of an eye.... or less...

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