Friday, May 18, 2012


Day 2278 - LUMPS??? EEEEEwwww!

Greetings, Beach Blanket Bingo Gals-

It's Friday, Hooray! 

You know what to do, march in a circle chanting 'Fri-day! Fri-day! Fri-day!'

I read a swimsuit description recently and thought to myself 'I have to write a blog about that!'

I quote:

Reasons to love this swimsuit style:
1. Covers your bottom—some of us want that!
2. Smoothes out lumps like magic.

I'll let YOU be the judge of whether or not your LUMPS show through your swimsuit.

Oh, lumps are showing...must have been my cheap swimsuit...

TTFN and it's best NOT to look.

That's pretty funny--smooths out lumps! Have a fun weekend everyone!
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