Sunday, May 13, 2012


Day 2273 - Happy Mother's Day!

Greetings, Mothers and Grandmothers and Stepmothers and Adoptive Mothers and MY Mother-

Happy Mother's Day to all!

I'll share a secret with you. 

Mother's Day is EVERY day once you become a mother.

I think about my mother each day, and I'm thankful she's there for me.  My mother is a shining example of what unconditional love is all about. Both of my grandmothers were exceptional women, and I am grateful to have known them.

Being a mother means you think about your children every day, and usually multiple times a day, whether they are nearby or far away.

Being a mother means when you hear someone, anyone say 'Mom!' in the grocery store, you turn your head automatically, even though it couldn't possibly have come from your child.

Happy Mothers Day,  Moms everywhere!

What a beautiful tribute to all mothers, and your mother in particular, and grandmothers! I'll take a bow knowing you are too kind!

I think we should have Daughter and Son's Day so I can pay tribute to my fabulous daughters and son, and granddaughters, grandsons, and great-granddaughters! How about that!

Happy Mother's Day to all!
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