Thursday, May 10, 2012


Day 2270 - DON'T TALK TO ME!!!

Greetings, Bloggy Chatterboxes!

First - an adorable photo just taken yesterday of Miss Savi and a dolly.  I think SHE is the doll!

She's a chatterbox too.  I spoke to her on Sunday, and she talked for FORTY MINUTES without stopping.  I finally had to say I needed to get off the phone!  Heather said the phone was HOT she had held it for so long.

Next - NOBODY can talk to me right now, I have laryngitis.  No other cold symptoms, but I am as froggy as froggy can be.

My voice cracks and changes octaves, or doesn't come out at all.

I told someone at work that they probably PREFER me to be quiet, but nobody has agreed with me yet.


That keeps happening to me too. No real cold symptoms, just wake up and the voice is gone. Kind of LIKE it. Gives me a reason to stay quiet. :)Savi keeps mentioning my voice 'going away'..."remember, Mom? Remember when your voice went away? Where did it go?".....
So sorry, Karen, you have lost your voice. Cute how Savi asks "Where did it go?" Good thing we can write to you. Get better soon! xxoo

ps: Love that sweet picture of Savi and her dolly, at her Auntie Lyn's house!
That's funny, there was a laryngitis thing going on up here around the same time...
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