Wednesday, May 09, 2012


Day 2269 - How Do I DO That?

Greetings, Bloggy Gas Pump Jockeys!

I REALLY needed gas yesterday on my way home after water aerobics. I pulled into one of my usual gas stations.


Drat! I thought.

There is only ONE other gas station on my route home.

It does NOT have pay at the pump.  It has old fashioned pumps exactly like the one shown. 

First you need to go inside and pay.   Then you need to insert the nozzle before you turn on the pump. Once you turn on the pump, the dial (NOT digital, numbers that rotate) resets to 0's, and then the gas starts flowing through.

I did it.  I didn't like it.   Hopefully the other gas station will get a delivery soon!

Omigosh I have missed SO MANY blogs! I've been in book brain mode for months now. Jumping in bed as soon as supper is over to read while Savi plays. Working on a Steven King book now, just ordered the 50 shades of grey trilogy...heard interesting things..ha! Sorry I've been MIA. :(
No worries, Heather!

As you know, I am a bookworm myself.

Let me know if you find anything as good as the Hunger Games!

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