Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Day 2255 - Hunger Games Party Food?

Greetings, Bloggy Trackers and Jackers!

I was thinking...

'If I had a Hunger Games Party, what cool food items could I invent?'

NO, I am not having a Hunger Games party, but if I DID, here's where my mind was headed...

Definitely bite sized Tracker Jackers - maybe made out of candy corn for the striped part, and a gumdrop or black jellybean for the rest of the body.

What could I use for wings, though?  Get non-edible wings at the craft store maybe?

Definitely apples with an arrow through them (made out of a wooden skewer).

Definitely teriyaki strips or cubes on skewers on a bed of 'leaves'.

And last, but not least, something ON FIRE!!!

So - whaddya think?

Very creative!
That's me! "m said"
I say "Ugh". Haven't seen Hunger Games yet but will eventually!

Amazing occurrence today-fed return filed electronically on April 13; refund showed up in my bank account today, April 25! Not like the old days.

Happy to see it before my 3 week trip to Maui, San Francisco and San Diego!
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