Saturday, April 21, 2012


Day 2251 - Oh Joy - Something ELSE to Learn!

Greetings, Bloggy Weekenders!

I hope that my recent Blogger auto-posting problems are gone.

And why would they be gone, you ask?

Because now I have had to upgrade to the NEW and IMPROVED, wonderful Blogger, and I suspect my auto-posting issues were due to this upgrade going on.

But now, alas, I have to learn how to USE the new and improved, wonderful, better than sliced bread format.

The first attempt at this blog came out as one, LONG, LONG line.  That barely made me crack a smile, I didn't think it was fun or challenging in a good way.

Then I hit 'preview' and couldn't get back to my original window.  More joy and bliss.

The schedule brings up a cute little calendar so I don't have to type the date in.  What an improvement, I couldn't possibly have kept typing it in myself.

Have a nice day, I'm going to go lie down now...

KIDDING - it's fine.  Really.  I won't need therapy or anything.  Really.

Post script - or post mortem, it did NOT publish on time this morning. Good grief.
I went to the help center - 80 other bloggers have posted that they are having the same problem.

Fingers crossed...
I don't even LIKE the new blog format! Why didn't they leave well enough alone?
I thought it looked ok. What's been happening since this morning? Hope all is ok in bloggersphere!
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