Thursday, April 19, 2012


Day 2249 - I'm Drowning... In BOOKS!

Greetings, Bloggy Readers!

I have too many books.

I want to start reading more e-books, but it's SOOO cheap to get used paperbacks. I know why - it's because they are a pain in the $$$ to try to store!

All my bookcases are full, AND dusty.

Because all my bookcases are full and dusty, I know that I am not re-reading the books - so why have them (unless they are collectible, of course!).

I have a bad habit of holding on to all types of STUFF because I think 'Oh, I'll sell it on eBay', or 'I'll take them to a used book store and trade them for more books', etc.

Needless to say - I never do either one.

Want some books???

I am also getting quite the large number of books built up! Though MY plan of getting rid of them is to send them to YOU!!! haha!!! Everyone check out my facebook to see last night's excitement! Quite the mess....
It certainly was! Wow!
Glad it wasn't on YOUR side of the street!! xxxx
I am banned from buying or collecting any more books in general by my husband lol and gave up a lot of mine as a deal that I could buy a Nook. As for your piles of books perhaps your local library would take some. I know mine use ones they don't have and sell others.
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