Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Day 2247 - The Man From Uncle...

Greetings, Bloggy Blasts from the Past!

No, this blog isn't really about the old TV show, The Man from Uncle, even though I used to watch that show, and enjoyed it...

Here's a cute picture of my son, Evan with my granddaughter this past weekend. Too cute for words!

Savannah has always referred to Evan as 'Uncle', rather than 'Uncle Evan'.

I have so many uncles on my mother's side, that wouldn't have worked for me. 'Uncle' always preceded their name, so you could tell WHICH Uncle we were talking about.

That applied to 'Aunties' too, of course!

She's starting to call him Evan now...it's funny!!!
Love that picture! Evan looks good, as well as Savi! Yes, that's funny to hear Savi calling Evan by his name!

Tomorrow we're going to NH to visit with Marcia, Kelly and Kayla. Looking forward to it!
Adorable! She loves Uncle-and who doesn't???
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