Tuesday, April 03, 2012


Day 2233 - I Chickened Out!

Greetings, Bloggy Cluckers!

I chickened out yesterday and did not go in the outdoor pool, though I heard someone say the water temp is now in mid-70's.

My water aerobics instructor braved the water temp and went in the outdoor pool before class, but we had class in the indoor pool which is heated to 84 degrees.

It was VERY hot yesterday, 88 degrees in the afternoon. That is summer weather for sure. So - if summer occurs in spring, what is summer going to be like? Probably blistering.

TTFN and don't let the Cadbury Creme Eggs melt!

Cadbury Creme Eggs, ymmm!

It's supposed to get to 60 for Easter weekend, otherwise fairly normal temps--upper 20's early morning, warming up to the 40's in the daytime, sometimes 50's. Sunny this week.

Look at Facebook for a picture of Nephew, Bruce, and his Aunties, taken yesterday!
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