Thursday, March 29, 2012


Day 2228 - Snow in Maine, Heatwave Here!

Greetings, Bloggy Hot Stuff's!

It's HOT, and it's NOT EVEN APRIL YET. In Maine, they're having SNOW!

We've had several days in a row of 80's here.

I'm not used to the car being so hot when I go out at lunch or when I leave to go home. I don't have my summertime sun shade in the car right now either.

With these temps, I need to put everything that I don't want to MELT into a cooler in the back of the car during the day. Charlie changes the blue ice in it daily.

I started doing that after my swim caps MELTED in the car, and my swimsuits were getting destroyed by the heat.

Several more days of 80's expected before it cools off - to the 70's...

TTFN and stay cool!

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