Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Day 2219 - Into the Stratosphere!

Greetings, Bloggy Smart Phoners!

Yes, all the rumors are true. Peyton Manning wants to go to the Broncos instead of Tennessee, and I have entered the realm of smart phone users, data plan payments, and the land of the app.

No, I haven't downloaded any apps yet, but everyone I talk to suggests at least one.

I had a steady stream of coworkers 'stop by' my cube at work to check out my phone.

These are the same people I see every day, but they might not normally visit me unless I do something 'cool' like buy a smart phone.

That is VERY funny to me!

That is an awesome phone! I am totally jealous! Can't wait till my upgrade!! (though that's probably a whole year away) my favorite 'app' that I've seen was a bubble wrap app that the doc I used to work for had. Pretty funny. You would pop the wrap by touching the screen, and it would make a pop noise. Fun! Haha!! Its been :igh 70's here. Amazing. This weekend, of course, will suck. Cold, rain, miserable. Poo.
Wish I could stop by to see the new purchase! Cool, as they say!
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