Thursday, March 15, 2012


Day 2214 - Learning to Swim!

Greetings, Bloggy Swimmers!

See that tiny white swim cap, almost fully submerged?

That cap is attached to Savannah, and if you look closely - you can see her under the water!

It was so fun to go to her swim class and dance class. Other parents smiled and gave me room to take a zillion pictures, trying to get one like this one!

I ran out of batteries that day, and bought more at Sams Club. We taught Savannah to use the bar code scanners in Sams Club (that she called 'Scammers'), and handed her items to scan so we could see how much they cost.

Then we would decide whether or not to buy it, and Savannah would be looking for the next item we needed to check. She loved it.

I've missed so many blogs!!! This is the greatest pic!!!! So glad you captured something SO cool!
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