Tuesday, March 06, 2012


Day 2205 - Happy Birthday, Miss Savi...

Greetings, Birthday Granddaughter!

Here's a picture from last year's birthday celebration. At three, she was just starting to enjoy opening the packages.

A year later, she REALLY enjoys opening presents!

What else does our favorite FOUR YEAR OLD like?

The color yellow. The color pink.

Ice cream. Music. Movies. All things Princess.

Puppies, bunnies, kitties, lizards, snakes, and dinosaurs too.

Happy Fourth Birthday, Savannah! I'll see you soon!

Happy Happy Birthday to our adorable 4 yr old Savi! Credit is due to parents, Heather and Mike! Good job! We'll be there to help celebrate this weekend!

Karen, nice list of the things Savi likes!
Heather, give Savannah a big birthday hug for me-can't wait to see her party outfit on FB and/or da blog.

Tell her I hope she comes to visit me in Maine this summer--and bring Uncle!
Savi especially loved listening to me read her all of her birthday wishes from Facebook!!! Every time my phone would 'ding' she would say "who is that? Did they write ME a message??" She was beyond excited :) we took her out for a birthday dinner tonight. She ordered chicken fingers and fries, but ate my steak and salad instead..as usual. Not sure why I waste the extra 5 bucks every time!! She never eats her own dinner! Lol :)
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