Saturday, March 03, 2012


Day 2202 - Go To Sleep, Slumber Deep...

Greetings, Bloggy Sleeping Beauties!

That's right, yours truly is going to a Slumber-ette Party tonight!

We're going to make margaritas, watch movies, eat popcorn, laugh a lot, and do some Wii dancing.

Nope, no karaoke that I know of...

AREN'T YOU TOTALLY JEALOUS? Darn Straight you are!

A great idea for sure, somehow the idea hasn't traveled to the Northeast - among folks who aren't related, or vacationing. But sounds like so much fun, and something only women could do, really. I couldn't see a bunch of men getting together for a slumber party. Girl power!
That DOES sound like fun! I want a slumber party!!!
I'm so glad the weather didn't stop your slumber party plans! I know you'll have a great time! See you soon!
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