Thursday, March 01, 2012


Day 2200 - Remembering Davy Jones

Greetings, Bloggy Monkee Fans!

First - it's March 1st, and it's coming in like a lion, isn't it?

I know, you're probably wondering why I chose to write a blog after Davy Jones passed away, but didn't write one for Whitney Houston?

Well, the answer is simple. I loved Whitney's voice, and I even saw her in concert, but didn't have a teenage crush on Whitney like I did for Davy Jones.

Yes, the show was corny and stupid, but I liked his singing. If you never heard him sing 'I wanna be free', the slow ballad version, it is very simple and very sweet.

Yes, I also fell in love with Peter Tork, AFTER my older, wiser sister said she liked him better (I did the exact same thing with Paul McCartney and John Lennon, you know).

Listen to 'I wanna be free' at this link on YouTube. This is the version I like best, and I had to look at about 20 videos before I found the one I wanted.

Click on this link

Love ya, Davy!

one of my all time favorite songs by anyone is "I'm a Believer" -- love those Monkees-never watched on TV because we had no TV!
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