Monday, February 27, 2012


Day 2197 - Washy, Washy, Washy...

Greetings, Bloggy Appliance Lovers!

If you recall, our dishwasher has been struggling along for months.

One piece of it melted. Charlie got it put back together.

Then another whole piece - the sprayer for the top shelf - fell off. Charlie glued the top sprayer back on. This happened several times.

On Saturday it broke again, this time for good. We have ordered a new one, I'll let you know when it arrives and is installed.

Charlie has been doing all the dishes by hand. We don't even have a real dish drainer - I found a wire basket in the closet we are using instead.

Thank you, Charlie!

Different Blogger format! Karen, You are back to "Little House on the Prairie"! Aunt Nancy and I are going to Goodwill Fellowship tonight. I made the usual grapenut pie, and Nancy made that yummy corn casserole.
I HATE dishes. One of my biggest dislikes. Haven't had a dishwasher in a couple years and my back is paying for it!!!!!!!!!
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