Friday, February 10, 2012


Day 2180 - On Rats Nests and PJs...

Greetings, Snarlers and Sleepers!

Little kids are often cute.
Little kids are often funny.

Little kids are often STUBBORN.

Just this week at the pool, I observed the following two children:

One little boy came in wearing thermal pajamas. You KNOW that his mother didn't WANT him to wear thermal pajamas to the POOL.

One little blonde girl had such a rats nest on her head her mother must not be able to brush her hair EVER. She was scowling the whole time too.

Another story is several years old, but still funny.

My friend's little boy had a tantrum because he wanted to wear his spiderman underoos underwear on the OUTSIDE of his clothes, and wanted it to be visible at all times.

I'll give that a try someday... Ha!

Funny blog! Speaking of the little girl with the rat's nest in her hair. I remembered how much it hurt as a kid to have my long hair brushed and combed that I vowed I wouldn't let any of you daughters have long hair until you were old enough to brush and comb it yourself. Did you know that was why you all had short hair in your young years?
Hi Mom,

I don't remember that was why - though we all had long hair later!
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