Monday, February 06, 2012


Day 2176 - How to Cool Off Quickly...

Greetings, Monday Morning Blahgers!

First - Congratulations to the Winning Superbowl Team, and no, I didn't win anything in the football pool. Drat!

I'm one of those people who have the OPPOSITE of good luck with numbers, I will choose everything EXCEPT the winning number. Sheesh.

Some people at work were planning to take today off, because they knew they'd be up late, etc. (there are too many etc variables to list!)

But I digress - I really did have a story to tell this morning, hence the photo.

Maybe 8 or 9 women were in the pool at the Thursday water aerobics class. A man, fully attired in gym clothes, socks and shoes walked into the pool area. He walked down the side of the pool to the approximate middle of the pool.

He kneeled down, dunked his ENTIRE HEAD underwater for just a second or two, then pulled his head out of the water again. He dripped there for a second, then stood up, flipped his hair back, and stalked out again, not making eye contact with anyone.

Myself and the other women were busy trying to figure out WHAT that was all about. Charlie explained to me that he was probably overheated and wanted to cool down QUICK.

I'll buy that, but haven't ever seen someone do that before!

Hahaha!!!!!! I can just picture that happening at the pool. What a weirdo!!!!
Very strange man! We just got home from Lyn and Steve's. Had a good time and saw Heather, Savi and Evan on Sat. (yay!), and Marcia on Sunday (what a meaningful Church service with great music and a wonderful tribute to Marcia), then saw Kelly at the boat in Hyannis before we all left to watch the Super Bowl--at different locations. Lyn cooked some yummy chicken wings, ham for sandwiches, two veggie salads, and I had brought dessert. And yes, we were disappointed that the Patriots lost again to the Giants!

Next will be Savannah birthday!
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