Sunday, February 05, 2012


Day 2175 - Superbowl Sunday

Greetings, Bloggy Patriots and Giants Fans!

First- a very Happy Birthday Shout Out to our friend TY, you know who you are!

Are you ready to watch the Superbowl, or at least see if they come up with some awesome commercials?

And what is everyone going to do today BEFORE gametime? I really wish it would start earlier, by five o clock I'll probably be ready for a NAP.

I bought a couple of squares in a Superbowl football pool - is that legal to say on the blog? I need to pay attention to the score each quarter to see if I won any money. Fingers crossed, and you can root for ME to win if you want to...

Most of my family will be rooting for the Patriots, but there are a LOT of New Englanders who are Giants fans.

I went to a Giants playoff game myself in 1990 - the year that the Giants were in the Championships against the 49ers, and they knocked out Joe Montana. If I remember correctly, the Giants scored 49 points against the 49ers...

Have fun everyone, and Go Whoever-you-want-to-win!

Everyone enjoy the superbowl tonight! I MAY watch a little of it...might not though. I'm SURE to be in BED right on time though. Not gonna stay up late like the rest of you football fans!
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