Wednesday, February 01, 2012


Day 2171 - Hello, February...

Greetings, Bloggy February Fans!

February isn't a bad month IF it isn't a blizzard sort of winter.

EVERYONE thinks that Mother Nature is going to try to even up the winter weather score...

Speaking of score - February also has the Superbowl. That's always fun (even if the game isn't so great). It's a great time to EAT A LOT.

February has VALENTINES DAY - yet another reason for dining out and giving gifts. One year I bought 'kid style' Lord of the Rings Valentines for the folks at work. They loved 'em.

Some FAMILY MEMBERS were born in February. I'm already gathering up some goodies to send out for those birthdays.

And last but not least - IF I get my ducks in a row I can file my taxes in February. Joy of joys!

Yes, I bought 2 birthday cards today and 2 Valentine's Day cards (all four to go to Prov this weekend).
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