Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Day 2164 - I Want to Find a Rare and Priceless Artifact Too!

Greetings, Bloggy Readers-

I am reading 'The Last Templar' - a 2005 novel that stayed on the best seller list for TWENTY-TWO months.

The story begins with a historic showing of priceless, religious artifacts at a museum. Four horsemen dressed as Knights Templar storm the Metropolitan Museum and steal a medieval artifact. An FBI agent and an archaeologist are plunged into a race across three continents in search of the relic and its hidden secrets.

Yes, I know. This is 2012 - what took me so long?

They even made a 2 night miniseries from it in 2009, but I don't remember watching it. Maybe Netflix has it...

Anyway - it's been entertaining, and I just found out there was a sequel released in 2010. Maybe I'll read that too.

TTFN and watch out for rare artifacts!

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