Friday, January 20, 2012


Day 2159 - I double DUH dare ya!

Greetings, Bloggy Brain-Cell Challenged!

Me and my friend at work take turns consoling each other about our brain freezes.

We say that TOGETHER we make ONE darn good brain. Ha!

Case in point...

Yesterday's blog was something I forgot the day before. *sigh*

I send myself reminders in email. Do you do that? *sigh*

I think up all these great blog ideas and forget them before I get home. *sigh*

There. That's all the forgetfulness I can remember...HA!

I send myself texts instead of emails, but yes, I do that! And then most of the time i will forget to read the text and forget what I wanted to remind myself anyway. Poo.
It gets worse, Karen---Recently we ate at Shaners and I was asked by a friend (who also was eating there) a few days later what I had to eat and I couldn't remember what this hamburg patty with swiss cheese on grilled bread was called--it was a Patty Melt! Jeesh--a brain freeze is worse than a Sr. Moment!

Today I'm making Linda L's "rolled-oat" bread. A good day for it as we had 4" of snow during the night so it's very wintery outside.
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