Thursday, January 19, 2012


Day 2158 - Elder-Wear!

Greetings, Bloggy Bucket-Listers!

I forgot to tell one story about my excellent visit to the retirement community.

Some of the residents need 'semi-supervision'. They have wrist or anklet monitors that cause an alarm to sound if they leave a programmed-in range. I may very well be wearing one someday - though I hope not!

Staff have codes at the elevators to disable the alarm if they need to transport a patient to exercise or health appointments.

I was in the elevator with one such resident, who showed me her bracelet and explained it's purpose (kind of). I quipped 'I know what that is for! You're on parole, aren't you?'

The other residents in the elevator really enjoyed that...

Karen it sounds like you've found a perfect volunteer match!
"You're on parole, aren't you?"--only you could get away with that! They love when they see you coming!
You are too funny! I think I'd have to say the same thing! I haven't seen those ankle bracelets before. Very cool! Can I get one for Savi??
Heather -

YES, they have all sorts of child locator wristlets and things...

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