Monday, January 16, 2012


Day 2155 - Cry Uncle!

Greetings, Bloggy MLK day Celebrants-

Do you have today off?
I do! Hooray!

As you recall, yesterday was my birthday - we won't guesstimate which one.

I could NOT have been more surprised when I got a birthday phone call from an uncle who I haven't seen for maybe 15 years, and before that maybe 15 more.

He actually lived with us for a period of time when I was an obnoxious teenager and he was an obnoxious adult. As you can imagine - we got along back then by taking turns picking on each other.

Bottom line - after so many years, hearing his voice and chit-chatting with him again was a lovely, warm moment for me. I'm still kind of in shock about it.

Time heals all wounds - and maybe old aggravations!?

Yes I have today and EVERY DAY off! Later I'm going with your Mom to a meeting of the Oxford County Democrats and after that to a wine tasting dinner at Maurice's with Mary Ann.

The uncle has mellowed but he can still lack in tact! He has been calling his sisters over the past year, sort of out of the blue--I think he is lonely, and we are all happy to be in contact again.
Karen, I'm glad that time heals old wounds! I'm sure it meant a lot to him to speak with you! He's a good-hearted soul in his later years.
Who is this mystery uncle?
Savi and I are home today, not because of the holiday, but because my poor girl has a stomach bug. Yucky.
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