Thursday, January 12, 2012


Day 2151 - The Mysterious Case of the Exploding BUNS!

Greetings, Bustin' Out All Overs!

I opened the fridge yesterday morning, and a can of refrigerated cinammon rolls (no, they were not the Pillsbury brand) had popped open VIGOROUSLY.

The tubular 'roll' package was in three pieces, and the packet of icing was in one place and the cinnamon buns were scattered here and there!

I'm telling you - there's no explosion like a BUN explosion.

No, I didn't try to salvage any of them - they must have been yearning for an escape, but their mutiny BACKFIRED! HA!

That's funny; sometimes you can hardly get those packages wacked open, and yours opened by itself!

About 6" of snow today. Gil went out to snowblow our driveway and Aunt Nancy's after supper. He has a light on the snowblower. The temp has been about 26 during the day.
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