Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Day 2150 - Midweek and Midlife

Greetings, Bloggy Middlers!

Do you recognize the photo?

Hint - what day is it? It's WEDNESDAY from the Addams family TV show. (No, not the movie)

Do you know what Wednesday's MIDDLE name was? It was FRIDAY!

I used to watch that show in the 60's - and also the Munsters, which I think was on around the same time.

There was a character on the Addams family named 'Thing' - and it was a hand that would reach up out of boxes and grab things.

My grandmother used to have an Addams Family battery powered piggy bank. It was a black box.

You would put a coin on the top and the Thing would reach out and grab it and pull it into the bank! We loved it.

I'll bet that bank would go for a lot of money nowadays. I think I'll look for it on eBay...

OMIGOSH! There is one for $60, and one for $125! Jeepers Creepers.

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