Thursday, January 05, 2012


Day 2144 - Oh Where, Oh Where Has My Stupid Tax Gone...

Greetings, Bloggy Brilliant Ones!

If you're not from the Nashville area, you might not know what 'Stupid Tax' is.

Stupid tax is any stupid mistake you make that costs you money.

It might be buying something cheap that is useless and having to buy another one, or buying too many of something that you can't use, or even paying a bill late (haven't we all done it?) and getting charged a fee for it.

The term 'Stupid Tax' is primarily associated with a financial talk show legend, Dave Ramsey. Charlie even got me a signed copy of his book - 'Financial Peace'.

Anyway - I pay stupid tax too, try as I might to avoid it.

I bought some cheapo burnable CDs recently (and they are Verbatims which should be fine!) and they STINK. I have had to throw away about a third of them, and sometimes even if they will play in my CD player, they won't play somewhere else.

Anyway - I'll have to buy more, and THAT, my friends, is STUPID TAX.

Thanks for the warning--I'll be on the lookout to avoid any "stupid" taxes!
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