Wednesday, January 04, 2012


Day 2143 - Gimme Presents or Gimme... Lunch?

Greetings, Bloggy Middlers!

How did it get to be WEDNESDAY already? Wow!

Two weeks in a row with Monday off makes me think I'd like that schedule all year 'round.

But that's not what I meant to blog about today.

My daughter said my granddaughter is already waiting for her birthday (in MARCH) because she's looking forward to more presents.

That made me think 'Why don't I write a blog about presents that can be given ANY day?'

For example - wrap any lunch that could be brown-bagged in a gift bag, and let her open it. You could do the same thing with a set of clothes, just put a complete outfit in a bag and let her 'open' her outfit.

Wrap her snacks (when she can't see), and let her 'draw' her snack out of a bag.

Let HER wrap presents for Mommy or Daddy- you can decide what she is allowed to 'give' back to you.

That's it... OR... wait till the birthday and GRANDMA (that would be me) will bring presents!

She woke up singing Happy Birthday to herself. She is really excited about her bday this year! She asked her father last night if he was coming to her bday...and her sister (who may be moving back in!! yay!)...March can't come fast enough for my little one :)
Great "gift" ideas for our growing up little Savi!

Cute comment, Heather!
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