Tuesday, January 03, 2012


Day 2142 - Fortune Smiles on 2012!

Greetings, and Happy 2012, Bloggy Readers-

Have you had a nice New Years so far?

I have!

I opened a fortune cookie on New Years day.

It read 'Everything will now come your way'. How great is THAT?

EVERYTHING will now come my way? EVERYTHING?

Gee whiz - that sounds like a pretty tall order, but...

Fame and Fortune make a nice pair.
The trio of Healthy, Wealthy and Wise might be nice.

But let's think out of the box, since EVERYTHING is going to come my way.

Does that mean an IRS Audit? Jehovahs Witnesses at the door? Bedbugs? The heartbreak of psoriasis?

Maybe I don't want EVERYTHING after all! Ha!

Karen only you would read "everything will now come your way" as including good and bad. Pretty clever!
Everything good is my interpretation!
hahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You crack me up. I love it!!!
My new year has started well, especially with the fabulous weather we had over the weekend! Now all Savi is talking about is her bday. She's just dying for more presents :)
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