Sunday, January 01, 2012


Day 2140 - Happy New Years!

Greetings, Bloggy Baby New Years!

It's my brother in law's birthday today - Happy Birthday, brudda!

I fell asleep TWICE writing this blog, and ended up with two empty blog drafts with a title and nothing else. That's a funny way to start the New Year.

Soooo... What did everyone DO for their New Year's Eve celebration?


Welcome, 2012! We're all looking forward to a great year.

Happy New Year, Karen! That's funny about falling asleep writing the blog! We were up until 2am! We welcomed in the New Year over the mountain in Buckfield at the Odd Fellows Theatre, a very entertaining production of skits, music, juggling, and one "card shark" impersonation. I wrote about this on yesterday's blog comments. Aunt Mary Ann, Aunt Nancy, Gil and I went over and had a great time. Also Aunt Nancy invited us to her house ahead of time to have sparkling cider for the tea-totalers and champagne for the imbibers, and snacks. Debi and Phillip stopped over too.

I said "Happy New Year" to all of my immediate family I could reach, and left messages for those I couldn't reach, except for Evan who doesn't take messages. So it's on to 2012! Love you all! xxoo
Sorry we missed you again Grammy! I was a cleaning maniac tonight and didn't have the phone nearby so I didn't notice you'd called till much later on. I'll try you tomorrow at some point. Had a nice NYE night. Savi passed out by 8 and I stayed up till a whopping 10:30 to watch Bridesmaids with Mike. More cleaning to do tomorrow. Determined (one of my new years resolutions) to get the third bedroom (currently the JUNK room) organized into a playroom! My other resolution? I joined some co-workers in a 'biggest loser' competition for the next 16 weeks. Starts Tuesday. I am going to finally lose the weight I've kept on since Savi was born. :)
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