Thursday, December 29, 2011


Day 2137 - Don't Touch My Tree - Part II

Greetings, Bloggy Tree Huggers!

Aunt Nancy said it - that her tree looks like a New Years tree.

Is there such a thing, and if there is - how can I convert my Christmas tree to a New Years tree so I don't have to take it down???

I found a great cartoon on the web, but it is copyrighted so I didn't dare post it on the blog...

The cartoon depicts a husband and wife in bed.

The decorated Christmas tree is BETWEEN THEM in bed.

Husband is saying to wife 'It's time to throw it out!'

I am sure the wife said, very sweetly, 'No!'

TTFN and stay tuned for more of the 'Don't Touch My Tree' mini-series.

No ideas here. Sorry!
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