Monday, December 26, 2011


Day 2134 - All I want for Christmas is a brand new EVERYTHING!

Greetings, Bloggy Holiday Weekenders!

Charlie's family is coming for dinner, visiting and presents today.

So... Murphy is helping to make the event a grand success!

We were planning to get through the holidays before we replaced the dishwasher, and it is barely limping along. Charlie glued the broken piece in place, as a matter of fact. The silverware is spotty, and we always have to wash dishes on the heavy cycle or they don't get clean.

As I write the blog, the guest bath commode (which company normally uses) is running really slow, and our plunger doesn't work well. *big sigh of disappointment*

Fingers crossed that the stove doesn't decide to join the pity party.

TTFN and wish me luck!

Good luck, Karen and Charlie! I'm sure everyone will have a great time and great food!
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