Saturday, December 24, 2011


Day 2132 - Twas the Night Before Christmas - TODAY!

Greetings, Bloggy Christmas Eve-ers!

Do YOU put out cookies and milk for Santa?

Or cookies and cocoa?

Or a little cash, perhaps, to sweeten Santas retirement account? Kidding!!

I'm excited! I'm going to start my Christmas Eve normally, by going to my water aerobics classes in the morning, and stopping for a few last minute groceries.

I'm not sure what we're doing in the afternoon, maybe a movie.

Then a cozy evening at home with a fire in the fireplace, waiting for Santa to arrive.

Sounds nice, doesn't it? Merry Christmas, Everyone!

Sounds like a cozy evening, Karen!

This is my first Christmas in Maine since 1999, and before that probably early 70's.
I'm going to our church with Peggy & Gil at 4 and then to West Paris Universalist Church at 6. Then to Mary Ann's annual Christmas Eve party; I will stay overnite and spend Christmas Day with Mary Ann's family and drop by Peggy's in the evening.

About Quaker's meeting on yesterday's blog-we played that game a lot. Over the years when I would start reciting it to friends in DC/Maryland and California they would look at me like I was nuts!

Merry Christmas everyone!
Merry Christmas Eve! On our way to Lyn's to see Jade and give gifts :) Love you!
Glad to hear Heather and Savi are going to Lyn's tonight--getting an early start on Christmas!

Yes, Karen, this is a fun night, especially waiting for Christmas morning. There's still a lot of "kid" in us, isn't there?

The "adult" part of us will go to the 11:30 service tonight. Aunt Nancy was really impressed with the lighting of real candles at the earlier service at the UU church. I remember when we tried to keep the candles burning until we got home.

Merry Christmas everyone!
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