Monday, December 19, 2011


Day 2127 - Christmas Countdown is ON!

Greetings, Bloggy Tick Tockers!

The countdown to Christmas is ON-


I'm not, but I am getting closer. I have more cards to get in the mail, so I need to finish those up PRONTO.

The house is almost clean, the guest room is ready. Good thing, because we have company coming in TOMORROW NIGHT.

I have a question - did you ever PEEK and look for presents in the house?
As far as I know, my kids never did. They knew that it would spoil their anticipation.

However, MY SISTER AND I did look one time, and yes, I should say - it DOES spoil your anticipation.

So... my countdown advice is NO SNEAKING NO PEEKING!

We have 3 presents under the tree so we'll try really hard not to peek! Karen, your blogs are always entertaining!

I hope you know that Will is currently at home with Kako and family, our best Christmas present ever!
We didn't get many presents so no reason to peek. BTW, I'm not complaining, we were happy with the little we received.
We did peek, Mamma. Usually stashed away deep in the closet. I was always mad after I peeked, but not mad enough to not do it the next year. Our "stockings" were the best part anyway!!!!
Ha! The truth is finally revealed! I still stash everything in my closet, once in a while I find what I stashed there too! xxx
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