Sunday, December 18, 2011


Day 2126 - Wow! A Christmas Eve Magic Potion!

Greetings, Bloggy Sleeping Beauties-

Yesterday at water aerobics, we had to tread water continuously for 8 minutes. We chatted while we were staying afloat.

I asked the group to tell me about their Christmas traditions.

I told about being a kid and getting notes from Santa on our stockings. I told that gifts from Santa were normally unwrapped, but non-Santa presents were wrapped.

I told about my friend who had new p.j.'s and robes each Christmas eve for her children, so they would look cute for Christmas photos.

And then one man (who is about 72) offered this info... and this was something I'd never heard of. He made a special drink each Christmas Eve for his children, promising them extra-deep sleep so that Santa would come and they wouldn't wake up too early! He said it always worked.

I got my buddy 'Google' involved, and yes, people even SELL the potion - see today's photo. Pretty cool, eh?

I'm glad I stumbled across your blog today... very nice. It's funny but I have also allowed my kids to open up one gift on Christmas eve, and it's always pajamas. That way they wake up wearing one of their gifts. I really love the tradition of making that special drink at night, though... that's original. Merry Christmas.
What's IN that magic potion?? Benadryl? :) Sounds good to me!!!
I want that potion!
The potion is made from colored sugar (the nugget kind that you use for Christmas cookies), and colored jimmies.

You put this in milk, and the sugar dissolves (and turns the milk pink or green), and the sprinkles float to the top for a pretty effect. Cool, huh!
Oh, and Heather - I also made the Benedryl comment, that works for ME! xxx
Hmmmm, thinking sugar and milk isn't going to help my kiddo sleep!!! LOL!!!
I'm enjoying reading all of the comments! Never heard of the Christmas potion--pretty nice!
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